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How can they fix USKO"?

This is a discussion on How can they fix USKO"? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by eebertay was thinking... this game is a piece of shit, has been for years...between the kxping, hacking, ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by eebertay View Post
    was thinking...

    this game is a piece of shit, has been for years...between the kxping, hacking, (lack of) customer support), babashopping, and god damn near impossibility of getting lvl 83...what can they do to fix this game?

    i played wow for a bit and noted a few things that theyre doing right and that they could probably do in USKO (as far as gameplay experience goes ).

    1 - make items non-tradeable. they started doing this recently with the old uniques, personal weapons, and krowaz...but i think they need to further this effort...thisll cut down on the babashopping.

    2 - make it easier to lvl to 83. i think anyone who has experienced playing ko pretty much knows how utterly impossible it is to get to 83..even with exp prem. best case scenario is 2 months (without a sharer) with exp prem and full 24/7 grinding...which will burn most people out completely. one thing i noticed when playing wow was that leveling to max lvl (85) is easier and much more fun with dungeons, quests, etc... while ko, its a complete and fucking utterly insane GRIND.

    its one thing if you have people in cz who are overgeared, pwning noobs, its another if at least everyone had a decent shot at being lvl 83...itll level the playing field out a little bit more...because some people will always have better gear...but if everyone is around the same level, then it wont make everything as lopsided.

    3- one of the MAIN reasons why KE was such an awesome fucking game was because most players were on a level playing field...meaning, that they were all within a few lvls (64-70) of each other in CZ, the best uniques were +0 , +7s and +8s were about what everyone had, and because most peoples items were somewhat similar people didnt die as relied on teamwork and skill to get kills.

    where as recently, you have a bunch of people who camp town and arrow town/NT to get cheap kills or people who are insanely over geared and get cheap kills.

    really hope they fix this game up because compared to wow, i can now honestly say its a lot more fun in pvp.
    i completle agree with you...

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    fixed gogogo play

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