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How much are YOU paying per month?

This is a discussion on How much are YOU paying per month? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I...Love...Lamp. If KO is a hobby then drop 30 a month for prem. Once you start babaing its like crack....
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    If KO is a hobby then drop 30 a month for prem.

    Once you start babaing its like crack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _yx_ View Post
    So u are talking that i can make money enought to be full unique +3 and weapons and armors +8/9 in about 5 or 6 months just farming? spending 0 USB?
    actually yes

    i geared my chars in 5 months with +2's / +8's on CW
    just gotta find your own way for buying & selling

    Quote Originally Posted by MushtMan View Post
    ya im oOUndeadRogueOo, did u talk to me in game or something? cus my bro is usally on it just goin around mora lol, i remember him talkin to someone and saying FDP gear lol to some guy from Brazil.

    ya let's face it, 90%+ of the people with +9/+3 are babas.

    And most of the people in this topic are basically referring to them not spending one us.d because they made profit off KO, but yes u did spend money on the game so just put the real amount in.
    Exactly, for example take me.
    From old Ko till beginning of Rofd i never bought prem, then i started upgrading as a way to make money.
    Then i started buying & selling items on ko4life / ingame for usd/igc and you get geared.

    and as MushtMan said, if ppl said they didn't spend money doesn't exactly mean they didn't spend money
    It means more like "I've never used my OWN money".

    Like all the premiums / kc's / ect... i bought was all with money i got From KO (by selling & buying)

    But it still is possible to gear a +8/9 with +2/3's without spending Anything tho, just look at Chukaro on C-West
    he never ever baba shopped, he even buys premiums for gbs and stuff and still he has his amezing gear ^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by THUNDERGAWD View Post
    How do you think they got that money in the first place?

    In tommy's case, prostitution. But most people have hard-working jobs that doesnt result in deepthroating dick.

    oi its good pay the more dick i suck the better cash i can baba

    thinking about it ull only have 2 suck atleast 2-3 dicks for a peice of chitin 9

    dam i could do that all day

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