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How Not To Become A KO4life Mod!

This is a discussion on How Not To Become A KO4life Mod! within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; then again u wont get far with a 3.0 gpa[/b] Lies, just look at bush XD dont think he even ...
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    then again u wont get far with a 3.0 gpa[/b]

    Lies, just look at bush XD dont think he even got 2.0

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    Everything was solved in the end.... This illusion guy thinks he can just jump in the post weeks after and take over.... HA! He makes me laugh.... Anyways like I said it's pretty much over with and the guy that scammed me (a.k.a "TheCore"/ {in game name - StunnahShades}) got caught so I don't even know why this post is still open :P

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    Fr4nkie for Glob (Wise , GG , Pro , experienced , gentle , already a market Mod ^^ and Peruvian ! )
    Go for it papi!

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    Chris owns is a fag. I got him on AIM. He swears he can edit DB.

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    Wow big words from such a little man... Illusion you have no right to even post in this topic. Correct me if I'm wrong but you got scammed and then turned your back on your best friend in this game a.k.a. Promilike because you needed items back.... Sorry to tell you that's below low man. I simply wanted my items back and he refused. Well, I no longer need to prove myself because enough evidence was given.. Oh and LAWL! @ you saying I never exped for that character, first of all the agreement was 10% exp per day. I gave that character my all and was exping for the both of us getting 20% a day you idiot. Last the whole thing started when Muse was saying "you should sell all your items and let's stack Muse up". LOL You make me laugh when you try to come in here big and tough when your nothing and don't know anything. Off topic what's coming in here and dissing "Darknezz" clan and "Karmac" suppose to prove. Nice try but you fail in life loser. [/b]

    i think ive accomplished more in life now allready than you'll ever do..
    than ive got the right to post in the topic i case u dont know that..
    i only said my thought of this shit, cuz people were involving me in this ingame, in case u didnt know that either?..
    and you last words are nice..haha you fail in life loser, i dont think you know anything about my dont even know anything about me so go think in a corner and talk abaout my personal things if u actually know something about me, cuz ure guessing is retarded..
    i can also start with that guessing..but im not that retarded. as i said, ive got more accomplished in my life allready than u ever will.

    so cia

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