getting +1 +2 +3 uniques is not that hard. Even before KE came out in ASDF we had 4 iron belts and and many other uniques. Its called farming and getting dumb players to merchant there uniques in CZ for 999m. Yeah you all know what i mean when i bring up how Oik_Oik_ ran around cz with 999m coin to dark mare :lol: . That was ordeal about how everyone said he cheated. But when 95% of everyone was lvl 62 and your 65 with full gear it aint that hard to tank a full party with 3 priest at your back healing and duffing. WE were pk with duel we +1 and RE +1 and WP +1. Just gotta have team work when u camping Atilla. A 3 man team will always win out against 5 guys going at atilla solo. Between the accounts t hat i have left i can say i have enough uniques to make a few +1 for myself if i wanted to but i aint greedy and i spread the wealth. 4 WE can help out the clan better then one guy with one we+1 and we+0. when it all comes down its all about skill. Some damn turk told me to share spawns. There was 2 spawns of dts and had the nerve to tell me to stick to one spawn. He out geared me by far claiming to have full shell +8 weilding avadon+8 and claiming to have HB +8 IN+1 IB+1 duel ROC+1 and duel WE+1. But with all that he still cant kill steal me on two spawns cuz one he had no skills and he cant cobo. All he could do was say "fuk u" "i fuk your mother" "noob". All i had to say was "who is getting the kill?" "you just all show no go" and he left