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human brats!

This is a discussion on human brats! within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I town from people who appear to be high level when I see them and I'm unbuffed, the people who ...
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    I town from people who appear to be high level when I see them and I'm unbuffed, the people who towned probably were unscrolled. I do this alot on my level 61 warrio rI use strictly for running bosses in bowl when noone is on. I've probably personally given perfectchoice 5k NP this week with this char, a level 61 unscrolled in chitin apparently is a big source of national points. Although its rather appealing watching how long it takes a level 80 warrior to kill me when I through on my 40 spear D shield and harpoon +6 :P 600 dmg with 80 skill and +3 uniques and +8 and 9 shell FTW :P

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    Stay on topic. That has no relevance to the topic whatsoever. You and Havvk can discuss that on MSN or via PM if need be.[/b]
    Shurtugal! The first mage (ice mage) on Diez with Full Complete. (Or was it full?)

    On Topic,

    Well, this game is revolves around partying. Still, I don't see the point destroying for people who you can see are 1v1ing. :P

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    thats usualy whant heapend in cz, yesterday i was 1vs1 with some warior biger lvl then me, and warior in his party sit and watch when he fall on 500hp he start runing and other warior who was siting start attacking me.
    What to say idiots[/b]
    Why are they idiots? You won the 1v1 because he ran away, and you lost your NP because you didn't.

    In CZ, 1v1s mean shit to me and I only go into them to gague my chances. If I can redball you, I'll stick around and die fighting or take the victory. however, if I spike you for 500, you can rest assured I'll slap on any weap def I have and run away minorhealing. Does that mean I'm a pussy? No more than it does that my opponent needs to take off 25% or more of my damage in order to fight me.

    Weapon defs in 1v1 are retarded. Duffs, fine. Undying, go for it. 45 dagger defence (or 100+ spear def, or what have you)... no thanks, that's not a 1v1. Those people should go fight the combo dummies, 'cause thats the kind of fight they're looking for.

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