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I'm Gone ( so what if I forgot it beforehand )

This is a discussion on I'm Gone ( so what if I forgot it beforehand ) within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Well its also late here.. 5 am FTW.. i dont know how 2 tlel u how happy i am 2 ...
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    Well its also late here.. 5 am FTW.. i dont know how 2 tlel u how happy i am 2 have passed this time with u, always like a friend, as a CL, and as a gf :$.. JK! JK!

    Anyway u know it JESUS, imma always be a better BF than u.. u are a special piece of shit bro... Bad herb never dies bro.. u are welcome 2 play on lies when eva u want . Piece bro

    <3 ilu =)!

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    Well I've never really talked to you Will nor do I know you. But you have done a lot for this game and for the community here. For that you will always have my respect. It's sad to see you go because you really rocked on your char.

    P.S I :wub: your movies

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    devile quits, then its phantom.. all the Gg's are quitting T.T

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    theres gonna be no gg on orc when this is done.

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    Well I personally blame the mass influx of scum from the human side. Wh we either quit or NT to human.

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    Thnx for all the knowledge Will, learnt alot from you... probably the first high lewel person i spoke to who knew alot about the game (yes 65 was high back then) and thnx for letting me join oblivion for the little time that it was
    But its sad to see ya go...
    GL in whatever you do...

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    i still have your info muahahhahhahhhahhahahh h43r:

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    Cya will ... even though u hated me u know i loved ya ^^


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    attention whore >.<


    bb willy, don't let your igloo melt... if you know what I mean

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    Willie!!!!Where you go EMO and "Kennie"(<-- may you remember this one from some fun in ventrilo)it was a pleasure to be ally with 0blivion we have it great fun and 3 spot trolls was damn 24/7 :wacko:
    Thanks for your help when i got scammed "hacked" i have really appreciated this!!!
    Have fun bro on whatever you ll do now on keep in contact :wub: :wub: :wub:

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    C ya man i wish you good luck also and i hope for you the best. B)

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    Default Re: I'm Gone ( so what if I forgot it beforehand )

    Originally posted by phantomlink
    As most of you know, I went inactive late August in hopes of playing on Logos when it's released to have a fun time. *By the time the server came out I didn't have it in me anymore to play KOL. *The past year and a half has been a blast for me, going from a nobody with goblin plate armor ( stfu Apoc ) to where I got in the end. *This may be long, but I feel it's needed.

    First of all, the 8BALL gang. *You accepted me when I was under the minimum standards to join ( to this day, I still have no idea how ) and was my first true clan untill the end. *You taught me all that was needed to know about how to be a good clanmember, and player.

    Wextor, in the beginning I only knew you as a clan leader, but then slowly I got to know you more as we all leveled and pk'd our hearts out. *If your still playing this game on Alexa or any other char, keep it up.

    Hypn0s, the other leader of 8BALL and you were the glue that held it together while Wex was moving and we didn't see him for a good month. *I loved how you would instantly go afk in leveling parties and either the most random, or the time when we needed ya the most ^_^

    Uber, I stalked you after that harpy party in Eslant one day, little did I know it would end with me in your clan

    Apoc, you bashed me for typoing my name wrong, yet yours was wrong as well ( So what if I was the noob in half plates )

    Reksia, even tho you would be drunk alot I always trusted you to keep me alive in pk or exp ^_^

    Chris ( Dragonfire ), You live near where I did before I moved.... so that means I gotta kill you... *And stop changing chars every 2 weeks

    Scott, you had your problems with the clan the odd time, but you were fun to be with back in the day

    Erian, your urge to level helped me along the way back at the apos. *After I finally granted you access to Phantom and Blood disbanded, I realized then it was a good decision. *Thanks

    Redneck, you will always be a redneck. *I dont care if you claim your still a teddy bear, to me your the eater of teddy bears

    Devile/Alexa, there isn't much I can say here since i've already said it before but you rock

    Onslaught, you were a good guy to play with and you were determined to level. *Too bad you burnt yourself out too fast

    Skip and Skorm.... 3 words for you both. *Is she tight?

    (Even tho you'll never read this Dorikin.... Get er done! )

    To 0blivion, even tho it was never meant to be it was formed into a small family after the disbanding of 8ball. *If only 3 spawn trolls was still bext exp in RoFD we would have been there for alot longer then we had. *And to Exodus gang, thanks for being a fun ally while it lasted, and for participating in the Yoshi's :wub: *

    Majix, your white. *You have to remember that <_< just because you hang around asians all the time that doesn't mean you are one of them ><

    Babybash/Denox, two of the chinkiest chinks I know.

    Tempest, You had your problems with people, but you were a good person. *You never cared about some things as long as you had better items in the end, but you were a good warrior one of the ones I couldn't beat.

    GreaTToucH, you are, and always will be my aga.

    Desi, your a drunk and you will always be a drunk. *Too bad you play good while wasted

    Javier, you are one of my mexicans. *Never change

    Dro, same goes for you ( if you still got those pics of my letters during Para's gimme )

    Ladder ( lIIIIIIIIIIl ), I helped you with your NT to orc side and you were a good addition to the clan. *Just too bad your asian -_- *oh ya, I also still got those 20 some odd KSC's of your confessions the one night

    Chusco, you are also one of my mexican's. *I was glad when I finally beat you in a 1v1 ( minus you not being 70 ) but your still a damn good rogue

    Felix, your a good guy to know and to play with. *Just too bad about the time differences or it coulda been better. *Had some fun in NoSkill vent when I was known as Sata in there, it was constant questioning for them to find out who I was till I slipped 1 piece of info and BGA got it. *And also for accepting to be my mini Wabbit

    Jess, you owned as a GM for Diez even tho your powers were extremely limited. *Good luck in your group's game and stick to your roots.

    Cax, how could I forget you.... *fuck you

    If I forgot you, i'm sorry ( those mentioned played the biggest role for me in KO ) but know your names are still in my head but this has gotten long enough as it is. *As the others I will still remain on these forums to mod and admin and fool around. *I still have KO installed untill my next reformat but owning my own character is out of the question. *Good luck to those who stll remain and continue playing, some sparks just die faster then others.

    And for a select few of the K2 members I've gotten to known ( if you ever happen to read this ) Thanks for letting me do what I did for almost a year. *Some of *you were nice people to get to know and fun to work under. *Even tho I dissapointed you on probably more then one occasion towards my final months. *You helped me, I helped you, and if you still need to contact me for any reason you know how.
    i believe i can flyyyy, i believe i cantouch the skyyyyyy....every night an day- spread ma wings an fly awaaaaayyyy

    i believe, i can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


    gluck phantom ghey baba, and +1 about owning own chars, not even worth :wub:

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