Marc; you’ve been dead for the better part of a decade but I still think about you every now and again. You were a true friend. Pk4Ever was a blast; knocking duwolf off of his throne and laughing at him while taking isiloon was probably the highlife of my gaming life. Thank you; and to the asshole who took you from us for a girl; I hope you rot in hell, if there even is one.

American_Maggots crew @xig - you guys were the shit; thank you for the hell of a time learning this game. Random5291 if you ever look at this forum just know you’re always going to be my honeybooo Beth. Farming Atilla until we got a WP + 3 was intense. It was the training needed for isi 😘

Bubbles & TPJoe ( joes probably sooo old now )

Y’all were the shit - teaching a noobie how to farm orcs in luf was great.

Fuck you MoeMoneyMaker - I hope you rot in the inevitable lawyer hell you end up in.