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i need help ! (important)

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    The hands

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    Quote Originally Posted by zolikas View Post
    Hello ok no bullshiting lets start
    i started to play EUKO since calisto opened . iam only 1 priest with so good items and good level ^^
    point is i did much babashop i spend over 200 euros at PUS and i bought some millions from ko4life members .
    iam understand u gonna hate me now .... but i stil lhope to get a help
    last night i was merchanting trinas , boss sumon staffs and random shits , when i wake up i saw i hawe dc
    when i tried to log . account blocked
    ok i spend alot of euros cause i dont hawe much time to farm .
    so i got ban for that ?
    i tryed to write tickets but nothing . thats made me really angry !
    iam living at United Kingdom and we here like to solve we problems at court .
    now i hawe 1 month free time because of christmas cooming , not so much work after 12/10 , my wife is at lithuania for holidays so nothing to do , i want to take care of this sh1t

    i was searching at google and i found that some guys was banned at world of warcraft and they solved problem at court . so blizzard rewarded them much moneys ^^
    i read about another situacion when 1 rich guy got banned whithout good reason and k2 had no screenshotand he took his court and visited K2 office and told wtf ? so k2 fast fixed his problam .
    its possible to do something like that ?
    i know got so many different people maby some1 with experiance can help me ?
    i lost about ~500 euros in 1 month believe me i want to take care of that shit !
    Waiting ur oppinion guys ! thank you
    yo buddy let me help you out.
    Star Wars: The Old Republic

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    Quote Originally Posted by GotToHaveKayaNow View Post
    The hands
    My moms hand looks like that :|

    Might be a male, idc, I like the tits.

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    You would love the music video "Put em on the glass" then.

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    you so funny and think about people dont ahve time to play every hour of the day because they work to hard in the real life to pay a house and gifts to family ?? you will say stop ko and take care of your family so -.- like 14 year old kid will said but .. computer is loisir so you have the choice of place 200usd in a game from your house to take care of your kid or spend it in beer and ect.. so the logic is loisir cost money and play a game 12hour a day btw is not a loisir is a life .. maybe think about it

    sry for my bad english ... take care

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