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I Quit, Theirs a SS of My Sharer using 50% xp Bug GO NUTS!

This is a discussion on I Quit, Theirs a SS of My Sharer using 50% xp Bug GO NUTS! within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; so far you speak like everyone (including you) uses this cheats cose its not that bad to do so...
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    so far you speak like everyone (including you) uses this cheats cose its not that bad to do so

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    most plp think he isnt using it but his sharer but noone can prove if him or the sharer used it

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    Grim is noob but he dosn't cheat.

    Gay sharers you got there =/

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    Actually you did for Rush clan while you had a screenshot of 1 member shooting treants with a bow...[/b]
    that was the leader of rush
    and poptart got banned..

    Okay, so after reading all 9 god damn pages of this topic, well, I guess I need to post. Seeing as I am a member at snoxd ( not afraid to admit it ) I do know about most of the hacks, I can pretty much say that I trust grim, by looking at that picture with grim you can see all of his programs running, now, in order for the np / xp scroll to continue running, the program must be running, and, by the looks of his opened up programs I do not see any of the bots that support this function, while the bot is not in use, the scroll lasts for about 30 minutes I believe, and It does not make much since that if Grim was indeed using this cheat, he would not have the program open so the exp scroll would continue, this scroll is the same as a bdw scroll, it is still their whether or not you relog, until the time runs out, but with the program running it will not run out. Now, the fact that he may indeed just have the program closed and be relogging every 30 min to re-use the exp scroll, and then cutting off the program considering gms can see your process list, this may be what he was doing, but I am just pointing it out. I can safely say that I have not used a koxp/tbl in over at least a year and a half, but seeing as I'm quite active at snoxd, I do know what I am talking about when dealing with them.[/b]
    Thank you LEgendz you even have donator on snoxd dont ya? lol
    like ive said i know it looks bad but really it kinda all just adds up :s

    blablabla do you know that for sure or is that just what you want to think ?
    you guys said u r legit and shit and what happens now ?
    grim got busted and you still got your head up your ass gg

    u r a retard thats also a fact [/b]
    They are legit wtf cause one person in clan is fucked doesnt mean all 72 players are...

    Yeah, it's becoming pretty clear how Fatality the so called 'legit' clan feels about NP/EXP hack. Your like the third person so far in that clan I've seen say 'come on guys it's just a silly hack no big deal'.
    Btw-- How many people really believe Grim has actually quit his char??? I for one do not.[/b]
    Cause they belive it was my sharer and want me to come back and play ^^

    LMAO HE EDITED HIS POST SO THAT PIC IS NO LONGER THERE LMAO. can't believe someone is that stupid to post a picture of them cheating without editing it lol.
    yea ok, your "sharer" cheated and not you. w/eva.

    i always suspected that you cheated, even back in you'r days in ares
    he said quit ko back in days days, but in th emeanwhile he have had several characters during his haitus.

    he either renamed his character, or just macro-ed another char to play with

    FAtility has a bunch of cheaters in it. alot of them are from i read and use cheats from so i know.. see unlike them, im not going to deny it and call myself "legit" and perpetrate my legitness while talking shit about others. i hate people are who the biggest cheaters and say they are the most legit people. one of the people in FATility is also "cassle" on C-west. Cassle was banned for using cheats. cassle is also known on KO forums and forums as Xzlegendz of something like that[/b]
    im not even from ares
    Legends is from snoxd because it used to be a private server and he has always said that
    Jealious bitch you probly tryed to join fatality and got your ass turned down.

    not a lot of people can REALLY quit ko... i mean come on, how many of you quit for 1 week to 3 months and decided to get back into it lol. grim will come back

    and seriosuly, on a serious note, so what the guy cheated, doesnt make him a bad person, so really guys chill out with the flames, he's still a human being just like everyone..[/b]
    lol i love ya bro but yes alot of people can quit ko ^^
    And to the people who dont my char still naked
    Your Right i could go By Name Change Scroll And act like this never happend
    but im not going to... as ive said i dont wanna be bored and play in some newb ass clan would rather be in fatality or quit
    its that simple ^^
    and nick feels its for the best so im quiting lol

    @ Everyone Who Is Just A Flamer
    You guys Are pathetic this topic has got to 10 fuking pages?
    Its a fucking Flame Fest Were the fuck is a global moderator
    lol and the evidence, my sharer comes in and says was him
    legends who knows how the hack works knows it stays on after a relog
    im only level fucking 67

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    later homo. maybe now you can get more hours doing CONSTRUCTION WORK AT THE AGE OF FIFTEEN.

    yeaaaa gl with that

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    later homo. maybe now you can get more hours doing CONSTRUCTION WORK AT THE AGE OF FIFTEEN.

    yeaaaa gl with that[/b]
    uhh.... ur bitching about him not doing constructive work yet ur on ko4life spamming topics? lolzz
    nd wtf is he suppose to do at the age of fifteen?

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    IMO, Grim has too much drama...close topic already to you Grim.

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