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I was smiling when i was reading this ^^

This is a discussion on I was smiling when i was reading this ^^ within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I had to laugh about the irony FYI: this is an article from a goldfarm site, I censored out the ...
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    Default I was smiling when i was reading this ^^

    I had to laugh about the irony

    FYI: this is an article from a goldfarm site,
    I censored out the sitename

    Dear friends, nice to see you in *******. our aim is to make you happy with a more excited life in Knight. By the way, we have collected the mainly information on other site.
    The KOK "cheaters" use third party tools to collect data about all players. They pretend to be legit and against cheaters but that data can only be aquired through illegal programs, just like what the cheaters use to see other player items(Knight Noah). IMO, gyroskopeter and cooltang chould be banned from KO because they are cheaters just like the reset of the kx0pers.
    It works like this, when you see some other player, the server tells you're game client what items he is wearing so your game client can show you the correct look of that player(knight online gold). Without hacks you don't know if they have +1 or +8 but the server still sends this information. The guys at KOK simply loginto every server and get the data with their own hacks.
    Cooltang and gyrokopter shuold be both banned for using illeglal tools. Well, you are right their site is excellent BUT if they are not official and if they change their mind from helping K2 to hacking accounts or something bad for legit players, it may not be good for the community.
    That is of course your personal opinion. But the fact is that they use hacks, 3rd party tools to gather data WHILE connected to the servers which is against the game rules and they should get banned for that. That is not my opinion, it is a fact.
    You can buy the cheapest Knight powerleveling service from our site with fast delivery, our service is for 24/7, please feel free to contact with us! Please contact with our customer service and place an order.

    ps: before people start bitching, this article was posted long ago (when obviously the player info still was shown).

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    ban the ko.xpers but buy our powerlvling service!

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    oh lawed.

    I could almost guess what he was selling but was still suprised when i read the end.

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    owned o_O rofl

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    O.o....really funny...and powerleveling and baba shopping is legal!!

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    How ironic lol, i'm looking forward to the first gold site with the motto "Buy from us and punish Chinese prisoners!"

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    With every sale comes professional grammar.


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