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An idea to piss Koxpers off

This is a discussion on An idea to piss Koxpers off within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; But knowing K2 even if they did make this auto ban idea then probably some glitch/bug will appear where just ...
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    But knowing K2 even if they did make this auto ban idea then probably some glitch/bug will appear where just clicking on an NPC could get you banned rofl...[/b]

    haha so true

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    U know how in abyss npcs are all over the place, because the koxpers end up attacking them as they run past thru the walls. and the npc chases them.
    Npcs should stand there ground by still able to attack you. Since the only ones who can attack them seem to be koxpers.
    And should do this in EMC and Lufferson and other place too. NPC's stand there ground and attack back if u attack them. They wont attack the legit players, coz we cannot attack the npcs. I reported about a dozen ppl already tonight shooting arrows at npcs in emc.

    What you think ?

    Anyone checked out rabia on dies2 tonight ? several koxp partys running amuk thru golems, shade knights, uruk etc.[/b]
    Or, if you attack a npc that is in the same nation as you, you get Auto BAN.[/b]
    or make every npc have a bow with super long range n 9999 AP so the koxpers get 1 shot if they attak them[/b]
    i dun say this often, but these are great ideas

    Pretty good idea, but then the makers of KOXP would just change the code allowing it impossible to attach ncp's. A simple switch for koxp, but a hard to implement feature for K2.[/b]
    if they can do it in private servers im sure they can do it in the official server

    ofc, another thing they could do to stop the cheaters is ACTUALLY HIRE GMS THAT LOG IN TO THE GAME

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    Hey how about this? ^_^ Register account Blocked, No banned koxpers can restart and cheat again, for legit players, Call k2 and tell them ur IC and card numbers and stuffs like that in order to register, so if u cheat u go to jail Muahahaha!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ and lets see u koxp ur way out of jail ^_^

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    the funny thing about this new gms they say hi to everyone, and when an event is about to start I pm one of them with location of koxpers and names, so he/she/IT can check out, he answers ". . ." and then blocks pms

    gms kick ass, nobody is more retarded than them :lol:

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    Theoretically a KOXP'er, the bot, auto attacks GM's aswell. If a orc GM logs on the El Morad side ( i.e. to host events) and is invisible the bot still can identify the target.

    If this is correct all that a GM needs to do is walk upon the opposite nation world and get attacked to identify the cheaters

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