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Illegal items in all servers

This is a discussion on Illegal items in all servers within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; thats all true but how do you know k2 have changed theirs too? I remember downloadin a GM handbook which ...
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    thats all true but how do you know k2 have changed theirs too?

    I remember downloadin a GM handbook which K2 gave to their employee's and i'm sure the commands were normal like +monsummon etc[/b]
    That handbook was from the time USKO came out.

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    ok stop complaining nothing you guys can ever cook up beats edanas corrupt GMs

    i pmed a GM on edana cuz i just saw in trade a chitin shield +10 and a chitin shield +7(mind you edana is a newer server so there was ONLY 4 chitin shield drops at the time)
    so i PM a GM and tell him what i just saw and on what character and blah blah blah
    he says to me - "its mathematically possible"

    i jus lol

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    first i dont undestand why you have it againts him, theres like 100 people in ares with +10 items, your entire clan hates him because he has the money to buy the things that your turkish friends cant, a clan full of +9 items bought the same way he bought his +10, he hasnt done anything illegal, he did not make this items or nothing he BOUGHT IT FROM A TURK THAT IS SELLING THEM IN CAFEGEVEZE and we all know who he is, he is not a douchebag, he has money to buy +10 like you have money to buy +7 and +8 items, thats all, stop making personal, its JUST A GAME, he has the money to buy expensive thing, like BMW, big houses ect, and others have money to lease a honda, its just who has more money, i dont think he did anything wrong, i mean you seriously think jeton made upgrade dark vane+9 to +10 or all you turkish friends with +16 and +18 items, i mean believe me the didnt upgrade them[/b]
    I bought 0 shit for usd so don't say I have money to buy +7/8. I farmed/traded for all of my items I got ingame. I am against babashopping, and even more when some people take it to insane lvls cause they cannot play with +7/8 items like killer. I know who sells the items and you cannot buy them at cafegeveze, Yes the seller is a turk but why does it matter? Did i mention killer was peruvian didn't think so, nationality has nothing to do with it. I know 3 persons myself who have bought from this person. Yes 1 of them is a friend of mine (before u state this and decide to flame me on it) and I was pissed at him for doing it. And for the record, most people in my clan bought things for igc/upgrade themself.

    I know where the darkvane came from, and jeton doesn't own it as far as I know. Vtec/acura used it from someone else, so did akreq and so did jeton. And you are doing exactly the same, you are blaming "my friends" (I don't even know jeton) for babashopping/using 1 item while killer babaed all his stuff.

    and ... I don't hate him, hating a person over a game would be very silly if you ask me. I just don't approve of what he does, and nothing is wrong about that.

    Ps on diez there are only like 4-5 +10 items + another 5 shell parts and avedon +10 owned by killer.

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    Yeap who really would even dare to try to upgrade a avedon to +10 or even chitin+10... ridiculous[/b]

    theres a lot of legit 9's and some 10's that i know of for sure

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