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My friend's clan PaTRioT(elmorad) and its some members went to kill Isiloon. When the isiloon's nearly %3 hp left Illuminati's(elmorad) friend clan called Dream(karus) came to the isiloon's floor.N started to attack elmorads.PaTRioTs killed em.Then they were preparing started to kill npc again.2 mins later Illuminati clan came.They started to swear PaTRioT members(in General Chat).And they were trying to tease.PaTRs didnt start coz they were expecting that they ll do smthn bad while isiloon was being killed.And we saw that Futility came there not to kill npc.My friend asked for using fraps in clan chat.But JadeReal was already using fraps until they ve been to there.Everyone went to other floors.except jade.she was obstinating to futi.and futility lured Servants of Isiloon non-stop 45 mins.He has lost lots of xp.By the time he dies Grid resurrected him.And Jade wanted Godz clan for help.They killed Futi and his IDIOTS.even had them lost xp.Jade will send movies to K2.Also we learnt that Illuminati was taking over the Castle by using bug abuse.


You`re funny You should meet up with my 10 year old sons, im sure they could teach you to lie better. Infact, i could have sworn i reading a post from one of their friends.
Its sad that you even can write this drama. Anyways, thanks for a good laugh. Shame i missed GODZ, i like kicking their arse`s.

ur sons must be more brilliant than u[/b]
You can't just steal the insult he used against you and turn it back on him...dumbass. Anyway I would like to see the real screenshot now.