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Im not hacked....

This is a discussion on Im not hacked.... within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; it s nice to ppl tring to be like you.. But having trouble coz of them is terrible.....
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    it s nice to ppl tring to be like you..
    But having trouble coz of them is terrible..

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    Originally posted by NYchris+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(NYchris)</div>
    see this is the problem with having names like _________ and 0000000, its very easy for people to fakenick and try to scam

    i regret not calling my char ::::::::HORSE:::::::::

    so having ::::: in your name isnt easier to copy? seems like the same thing to me anyone can copy that. Its really hard to avoid fakenicks people always come up with a way. Best way to avoid it is make sure you have these people on msn atleast so you know its really them but lending someone items even if they did get hacked is not the safest thing to do anyway.[/b]
    i was fucking joking GMchris, and anyone retarded enough to call their username the same as char name has no right lecturing about security. most people dont have the benefit of Arestides and Odin doing personal rollbacks and giving compensation items/XP everytime they get hacked, so shut the fuck up.

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    Originally posted by 0000000

    zuahahaha :lol: baba

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