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Probably i've been playing this game longer then u as i remember 05/2005 and i'm aware that just %1 of the people who has +9 or +10 are legit so others 99% injected or given by gm, db edit etc. Im sorry that u babashoped a lot and u afraid of losing it. I have +9 weapons etc too but i dont care if all GG items will be deleted we will have nothing but the skills which players got and thats good thing and we gonna have more fun.
People are afraid of losing items cos they spent so much real money for them, if they didnt they wouldnt be afraid of for sure.

See it's dumb posts and even more naive conclusions that make you look like a noob. My clannie just made another +9 item last week, an Avedon and then I see your stupid post and the blanket punishments k2 deals out when they could track the individual K2 (not GM but much higher) employees making the items, the money and then watching players get burned. I seriously don't believe you have played this game much because you just sound plain ignorant, I mean, did you trade up for any items in morodon or in the so called 4 years you played NEVER made a leet item, farmed for hours trying to make upgrade items, or had any of the hundreds of players you would know if you actually played do ANY of the above? Ya baba's are the only ones who could own anything in this game - you need to be bitch slapped.