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Item loss after the newest patch

This is a discussion on Item loss after the newest patch within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by CYANEXTIME Owned Get em back, sell em and quit game. That's exactly what I'm gonna do Originally ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by CYANEXTIME View Post

    Get em back, sell em and quit game.
    That's exactly what I'm gonna do

    Quote Originally Posted by Uzu View Post
    Can you equip any other rings?

    There's a weird bug going on in KO. When I logged in my 83 priest I saw that my Iron Belt was missing along with any other belt I had (Judi and Quest). I relogged, it didn't work, so I thought that I got scammed or k2ed, but after 2 days everything was normal again.
    Unfortunately, it'n not my case.

    Quote Originally Posted by stevenFTW View Post
    u wont get nothing back, same shit happened to me few years back on logos, I did a trade with my mate and he somehow got rolledback before the trade, which inturn gave us duped items... They got wiped after the weekly maintainence, we lost glave+9, 3x shell+8 pe+1 and we sent like 100 tickets and talked to like 5 different gm's, nothing ever happened. Its called being k2'd, either deal with it or find new game

    Quote Originally Posted by Rougean View Post
    spam them and swear that you will sue the shit of them if they dont give them back xD
    Well, if you read the ToS you will see.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Norris View Post
    What type of rings? Wouldn't be the first time they wiped the bifrost rings (shios / flame / fov /imir)
    Those were RoC's.

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    Spam tickets, my friend got unbanned like that, so you'll get them back.

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