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k imagine this scenario

This is a discussion on k imagine this scenario within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; talk to archers, it all comes down to skill. i saw waggy vs onslaught 1vs1, and actually did pretty well ...
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    talk to archers, it all comes down to skill. i saw waggy vs onslaught 1vs1, and
    actually did pretty well until i told him to stop attacking by accident : o (sorry wag) second time he lagged....and onslaught killed him again, BUT it all comes down to how you play your character, people so OOOO SKILLED SIN CAN KILL SKILLED ARCHER ANYTIME.

    Well, it comes down to items and how you play your character. go test it out for yourselves.

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    Originally posted by Devile+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Devile)</div>
    u guys r totally missing the point
    "taking away illusion now? theyre 2 different classes of course theyre gonna have different fucking done discussing this if we bring up any aspect that makes sins better u get rid of it."
    EXACTLY the skills that make them better
    im making this as fair as possible
    if the sin has skills to make him better that he doesnt exactly NEED in this scenario, then wuts the point of HAVING the scenario??

    im not tryin to find who, which calss can be played better in pk
    im trying to see, if u had 2 rogues, exact same stats and equipment
    1 archer, 1 sin, stand in front of each other and just hit away using just their attack skills
    whos going to win it

    jesus u guys portray urselves as morons

    everytime i ask this scenario, its always "sin illusions, sin wins all rounds"
    is that fair that sin uses illusion and archer has no chance? when ur just trying to figure out which class is better based generally on "does bow hit harder or daggers"??
    If u remove all the aspects that makes a sin good, then why fight? Testing? What does the test proves? Fair duel by removing every aspect that gives a class their strenght?

    So u place 1 infront of another no arrow shower and no combo. Sin will prolly win cause archer skills use too much mana and whenever he pots mana, sin will keep spamming damage. Maybe archer wins cause he is doing constant damage all the time. No way to tell cause u cant compare archer attack power with assassin attack power. Doesnt mean same damage.

    Bottom line is this so called "fair scenario" is not fair at all and proves nothing. In most cases sin will always win, unless u make him stand still without attacking.[/b]
    Precisely what I've been saying too, stripping away characteristics of a "character" reduce it to nothingness, thus rendering this whole stupid topic pointless. Its like asking what is more bright to the eye--yellow or black (Bright being ownage, and yellow being Sin).

    If you say now pretend both colors are white, YOU TAKE THE WHOLE PURPOSE AWAY of them being what they are in the first place.

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    zzz u cant compare...

    u cannot say this is better or this is worste...

    its the same shit u said: who would win: warrior vs INT priest <_< get it^?

    archers are ABOVE all a support class, like most of mages, like most of priests...

    this is a team play game, not a 1 vs 1 game...

    if you want to use ur imagination...

    ok lets see...

    both lvl 72. archers will win cuz he can shot while running :rollseyes: zzz

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