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K2 Network, dont like ppl that fight back. "BBB"

This is a discussion on K2 Network, dont like ppl that fight back. "BBB" within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; So it worked out, im unbanned a day before and i did not lose 5 lvls as they promised me. ...
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    So it worked out, im unbanned a day before and i did not lose 5 lvls as they promised me. just to bad i had to go to the bbb site and stuff, something like this should have been fixed early'er..

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    wow so it does work good job

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    Calling for air support loc: K2 NETFUCKED

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    I filed a complaint, but where do they respond, do they send the answer to my e-mail?

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    good work MyBitch ^_^ finally, K2's scared! Lets back them into a corner while we got the chance lol black mail them, we wont complain if we get better customer service :lol:

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    Default BBB

    The BBB didnt help me yet. Filed a complaint about lost items in maintenance, clan members being banned and I know them, they don't have any cheats on their cpu, lost password ever since K2 password reset and K2 saying to contact them about lost password if we forgot our secret question answer. How can we contact them if we can't log in, right?

    Well, their first answer to the BBB complaint was : Check website for all issues.

    So, I sent a rebuttal (or something like that, not sure how we say it since im french) and Im waiting their final answer.

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    I submitted a complain a long time ago about K2, when I did, their ranking was a B or a B+, so know that your complaints are going through. You'll get a nice message from one of the BBB reps sent to your e-mail, and when they do, you'll get a chance for something like a closing argument. My complaint was about the abusive moderators on their forums, lack of game masters in game to talk with i we spot cheaters, and the huge amount of bugs present, with little or no effort to correct. I was corrected on the forums one, because I was told the forum basically has nothing to do with K2, they dont' oversee it, and they don't deal with it, I can post the reply I got if you'd like

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    One thing Ive noticed about K2, if you file any type of complaint dealing with more than one issue. They will respond to the easiest issue and not even mention the others. I also filed a complaint with the BBB dealing with customer service and the lost cape issues. There response only delt with the lost cape but didnt even mention the lack of customer service. This has also happened with support tickets. I suggest any future complaints be delt with on a single issue and deal with each one individually.

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