The Provoke used to work better back in KO, since KE changed the time that a Mob followed you, from till out of range, to like 5 seconds. It also increased the cooldown in provoke, from almost 0 to... iono, but isn't as fast.

KO was more balanced in the aspect that you could only make your char so good, no upgradable jewelry. On the other side it lacked diversity, only 1 war map, EMC and KARUS lands were simple and boring. Leveling was really hard, harder than a priest in a playground, thus most stayed at 61-62. But there was a lot more GMs activity, events and what not. Plus the overall non-5year old-turkish domination. Most spoke english, and were able to do something else than lure at sight, or spam whatever unnintelligent thing on your mind.

KE was trully more balanced as into exp spots, maps, isiloon, new items, king system, np symbols if I remember correctly. But brought along the stupid ass jewelry upgrade, making a character's power unlimited. It screwed harpys aoe in eslant, but forced the mages to be smarter and more witty. Destroyed a key element on PK, the weapon defense armors, but... nop, didn't compensated anything there. Plus a whole lotta buggs obviously. Less GM help and involvement, but not non existance.

ROFD made the game more help orientated, more quests, more bosses, more mobs, easier exp. More skills, a whole lotta more items and events. But made the lvling system almost unendable, since getting lvl80 is close to being for autistic people that can only do Z R skill + potting for endless hours. Yet, it made game more balanced for mages and priests.

My bets are that new expansion will succeed on completely destroying fairness on the game, since there's a system to turn in stuff and get jewelry, wich will make people unkillable... More events and areas, aswell as armors tho. Wait and see...