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Keeping it Clean...please dont move post (not nonsese or spm

This is a discussion on Keeping it Clean...please dont move post (not nonsese or spm within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Ok so I've been a bit voctrious on the offical fourms for KO. Will it do any help? I dont ...
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    Default Keeping it Clean...please dont move post (not nonsese or spm

    Ok so I've been a bit voctrious on the offical fourms for KO. Will it do any help? I dont know and chances are no. But if anyone would care to take a look here is the link:

    I'm not taking credit for anyone whom wrote these letter or any information other players found I wanted to put it on the offical forum hoping someone might see it. After geting to talk with the moderator "Th0r" I recieved an message back from him disussing my account being banned. Here it is:

    My apoligies if I have offended you. I was upset in the matter that my account was banned without anyreason and the fact that I was not able to check an messages or get onto the forums at all. Perhaps a simple pm from you before the banning would have been more acceptable rather then hiting the ban account button. After all, your are the first moderator I have seen in a rather long time that has actually been enforcing anything in the forums here. Without any noticfiction and ability to check a message if indeed you did send one to CPO4 about the "hhh" post there is /was no possible way for me to have accessed that.

    I am merely voicng my opinion that many players share abotu K2/KO and after being banned it was going to be soloy assumed for the reason of voicing my own opinion in this Turk ran game. END QUOTE (from me originally)

    Start of Th0r's response

    No problem at all. I totally get it.

    [Off the record] To be completely honest, TwoFaced, Canis and I decided this weekend, while "The Producer" is visiting our forums, that we want our English forums to outshine the other ones. We--the three of us--really have no control with in-game issues. But "The Producer" certainly does. We want the English forums to be clean and respectable so that they will see a clear reason to cater to us. So we have been actively cleaning up the forums--more actively than usual--in the hopes that while The Producer is watching, he might feel that there's a good enough reason to give us a chance to play for real. Obviously, there's a large gap between the "English" or US side, and the Turkish side. I feel that they want to keep both sides paying them. ...but to be honest, I wonder if the US side could slip away from them and they still thrive, financially.

    I want them to know that the US side will pony up the dollars when the game becomes something worth paying for (I haven't renewed premium either).

    All that said, we've been aggressively seeking out worthless posts, and smacking wrists as need be. Yours was smacked, and I'm sorry for the condition of its smacking. I'm actually the one that did it. The hhh post wasn't that big of a deal, but for small offenses I usually put a 5 day suspention...which for a spammer isn't that big of a deal, but for a legitimate poster is a nuicance. I definitely could have pm'd you first, but I was deleting posts for about 2 hours straight and to devote that same amount of time to all of those posts, the process would have taken well over 4.

    I didn't even look at names, I had to just burn through the spam, and you got cought up in it.

    Anyway, I've cleaned up the excess portion of your thread, I hope that's okay. I've also removed CPO4's warning, and set your suspension to a zero, although I am just not sure how the forum will deal with that. Hopefully it will adjust it to a zero, I'm just not certain. I've never tried to "un-suspend" anyone.

    I hope you can get back on with CPO4. If not, again, I'm sorry, and it'll wear off in 5 days.

    I'm glad you did clear things up with me. I feel bad that I nailed a good player and a good forum member, but under the circumstances, I have to keep the forum clean.

    I really do hope you get a reply from Sullimo. I'm dying to see how all of this stuff plays out.

    Start of my response--

    I understand where you are coming from as well. And I aplaud your work and effort to clean this forums so that something may be done and fixed with the game. I lvoe playing this game and have left KO for a rather long time and gone t other games such as WoW and others but the game play is not like KO. KO as a unique setting, controls, and more. The players are more competaive and it is great. This si coming from a 21 year old college student who has been lael a "jock" and was never into video games or computer gamers much less mmorpg's. I foudn this game and I have been playing it ever since it only had 2 servers. I get a bit irritated and may take it on the wrong person(s) like your self after seeing myself get killied in Moradon (a neutral zone) while merchanting and geting killed after I teleport from EMC (el morad castle) to MOradon as well. Losing national points and experience and sometimes money is enough to drive any legit,loyal player insane.

    Honestly I may stay with this new name of KO Player and leave Cpo4's account alone so the banning wont be an issue with that anymore and I'm also thankful for your efforts as to fixing it for me.

    Keep up the good work, and if there is a way I may be able to help, please feel free to ask. Oh one more quick note..perhaps when "The Producer" views these please make it a point the my two post are seen and taken with seriousness.

    ---KO Player

    anyways, a personal request as to try to keep the forums clean and post good hard legit that means KSC files and more. Maybe we can get noticed. Or maybe its a hopeless effort.


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