This is for Buddah

I bought my accounts , I bought items in the past. You know what I am not the sad fuck who wants to spend hours and hours sat in front of a pc leveling and earning virtual items. I earn a pay packet and I use my money on things I enjoy. So while your grinding away or being KS'd at some xp spot I am out enjoying the fresh air, I may be with my GF , I may even be at a classic car show but for one thing I sure as hell wont be sad enough to spend my nights waiting away infront of a pc any more.

See the beatuty is , even though I am using real money for KO stuff , I get paid way more an hour than it would cost me to farm and make the stuff. So ironically with me buying shit I am saving myself time and money. Bragging about how you spent hours on an online game actually makes you the sad party in all of this.

You been banned for 14 days for hijacking a thread that is trying to help people . If you don't like people usding stuff go fuck off to the officals so you can have you "moral high ground"