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This is a discussion on Ko comunity within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; ZZZZZZ and you all flame me for flaming sultans myself? this is the reason to flame sultans and their clan ...
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    and you all flame me for flaming sultans myself?

    this is the reason to flame sultans and their clan like this, they get rid of people from this game more than anything with their cheats dupes and hacks. Yes if there was no sultans we wud do the same over savaik (no imsorry) and other cheat clans, but sultans no1 cheat clan in whole KO and not all memebrs banned 999 days for cheating.


    bye shaaka gl in rl

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    i will miss you baby :\ sorry

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    Shaaka is the best friend & legit player u can find in this game

    Good luck bro, we will be in contact :S

    Fuck k2

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    sorry to hear about your loss :s its not fair that this happen without a reason .

    - do you think it could be some1 that reported you selling your account for USD ? or saw it on forum " its Illegal for them u know "

    - if they saying violates TOS and blabla maybe there is a reason , also you saying this happened after you gave the Id ,pw to the guy ?

    - and maybe you can PM saphyr and talk about this problem just like when you used to talk with her about sultans and csw .

    - I had friend who had problem with his account i just give the GM saphyr the name he tells the ban reason and for how long and by who , and he can investigate in it too and see if its true or not .

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    Really sux,sad to see this happen to a legit person.I can't believe they would do this...If that was my account,I personally call K2.Ask for a reason,if non..Gogogo sue them.No reason for ban=Shouldn't be banned.That's all and once again,sux a lot.

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    you are not the first, and you will not be the last that got k2´ed ,at least u tried sell it for usd, i guess this could be the reason of the ban.

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    dam that sucks ass hardcore it might be people that work with k2 check these forums sometimes , seen your post saying your selling shaaka and they banned you :S just a thought

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    You have my sympathy. This game sucks you into a brutal world where everyone is in fierce competition to be the best. Many choose the illegit means to become so yet only the honest people seem to be punished. Similar to religions. Fugem both.

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    dam that sucks ass hardcore it might be people that work with k2 check these forums sometimes , seen your post saying your selling shaaka and they banned you :S just a thought [/b]
    it could be and also if you think oh why 3435345634564 ppl selling there ACC's and not banned and only shaka get banned :S it might be becus of something shaka did like Falming turks in pms or something or talking with bad words to them , they could start a war and spam tickets to get him banned for being racist :| I know he mean the bad side of the turks but still it was in general sometimes and they can use it aganist you , they can even report that you selling your account on unofficial site for USD or charing account and you are high lvl and its aganist TOS they would do it as some kind of revenge , and you saying you are Legit " we all know that ofc " so when GM find out about that it think they might do something aganist you :S

    Good luck anyway finding the reason and if i found GM online i will ask him about your acc and the ban reason .

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    sorry to hear that man , life is not fair

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    my english is not very happy so i want u guys to take a look.
    i found this webbin around the internet
    also i dunno if i can attach this info, so if the mods think i cant, remove plax, don't ban me.

    Gregory Alan Rutchik Attorneys at Law
    the arts and technology law group

    Three Embarcadero Center, Suite 600
    San Francisco, Ca 94111
    TEL. (415) 399-9440
    FAX: (415) 399-9444

    Gregory Alan Rutchik
    Email: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>
    Direct Dial: 415-399-9440

    January 31, 2007


    January 31, 2007


    RE: Infringing links located at <>
    DMCA Take Down Notice

    Dear Sirs or Madam:

    This firm represents K2 Network. As you are no doubt aware, K2 Network is the exclusive licensee and distributor of Knight Online. It has come to our attention... bla bla bla.


    On behalf of K2 Network, we hereby request that you immediately disable, take down and refrain from serving the Infringing Pages or... ...Notice is Accurate and that I am authorized to act on behalf of K2 Network
    Very truly yours,

    Gregory Alan Rutchik


    Gregory Alan Rutchik, Esq.
    the arts and technology law group
    lawyers for creators, technologists and business®
    Three Embarcadero Center, Suite 609
    San Francisco, CA 94111
    [email protected]

    | Tel: 415-399-9440 | Fax: 415-399-9444
    | Cell: 650-224-2621 |
    ================================================== =====

    This message is intended only for the addressee(s), and may contain
    information that is privileged and confidential. If the recipient of
    this message is not an addressee, please notify us immediately by

    i think someone should notify em, just to tell them the mail went to wrong hands (while u are at it, sue the mudafukas).
    i would try callin them, but im not from cali or even the US.
    if u want the adress ==

    thx for ur time

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    THATS NOT FUKING FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ...................
    Sadest ko day ever for me ...............................

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    I don&#39;t understand what ya mean ? what is this mail about

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    Damn Shaaka.

    Over the last year I&#39;ve come to know and respect you as a man, a player and person.

    Edana server won&#39;t be the same without you.

    Anything you need from me at all - just let me know.

    I deleted your selling topic.

    Fuck................................ /wrist

    Stay in touch on msn man.


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    This is an outrage, K2 gives absolutely no reason for this ban, and even though Shaaka has decided to quit, I think he should be unbanned, and to sell his char, get his money back for all the prems he has bought. If there is anything I can do, just ask, Pato has a plan I think and I will do anything to assist him.

    GL in RL my friend

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