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Krowaz+7 or mithril set+8 ?

This is a discussion on Krowaz+7 or mithril set+8 ? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; No clue if this is the right section for that, but i guess so. Was wondering does a rogue mithril ...
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    Default Krowaz+7 or mithril set+8 ?

    No clue if this is the right section for that, but i guess so.
    Was wondering does a rogue mithril set+8 own krowaz+7 set?
    I have no clue what bonuses a mithril set gives?

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    * ExceptinalMithril Armor Set *
    HP Bonus: 400
    MP Bonus: 700
    Health Bonus: 10
    Dexterity Bonus: 18
    Resistance to Flame: 35
    Resistance to Glacier: 35
    Resistance to Lightning: 35
    Resistance to Magic: 35
    Resistance to Poison: 35
    Resistance to Curse: 35

    and for krowaz

    * Crowass Assassin Set *
    HP Bonus: 400
    MP Bonus: 500
    Strength Bonus: 10
    Health Bonus: 10
    Dexterity Bonus: 15
    Resistance to Glacier: 10
    Resistance to Lightning: 10
    Resistance to Magic: 40

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    Krowaz has much more defense, unless you want mythrill for RLB, get Krowaz.

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    its more likely depends on your server.. if your enemies is a purely mage nation then go for mithril.. if its more combined then go for krowaz

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    Well there is no exceptional mythril sets that I am currently aware of. Also actually finding a full Mythril Set +8 is actually quite difficult. I know on Ares you can find the helmet and pauldrin quite easily however for the pads and gauntlets and boots personally I have only seen +7 or +10. Now that said, I would choose the mythril set if I was an archer. However if I was a sin I would take the Krowaz set any day.

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