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lvl 60-69 cz

This is a discussion on lvl 60-69 cz within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I can see the points of where all you guys are coming from but its not gonna happen.... This works ...
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    I can see the points of where all you guys are coming from but its not gonna happen....
    This works out the best for K2 $$$$ Wise
    and to all you guys that dont want Ardream any more, thats for the people that dont have much time to play KO, without Ardream K2 would lose alot of cash

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    i think we should keep it as it is, but add a new zone with minimal mobs and bosses, that offfers lvl based pk like one zone ppl within 2 lvls can fight, another ppl within 4 lvls could fight and so on. were np is rewarded for kills. and you get less then normal np at lower areas, and normal np at the highest area. would take alot of work but would be better then an extra cz, and give the lvl 60s a chance at fair pk. and for the big guys with unquies+3 etc it wouldnt make sense to make a new char just to kill becuase the np reward is less.

    i dont agree with ppl who say get yoru self lvl70 and stop whining like a noob. i have a lvl66 warrior on ares and it is freaking impossible to really be effective in cz. but its not like getting 66 was something i got over night, ive put alot of time into it and it seems kinda pointless b/c i still have 4 more lvls and then im only70 and everyone else will be higher still. its jsut impossible to catch up. i have some good friends on ares and im not gona change severs, plus ive spent too much time getting where i am to start over, i take my beatings in cz like a man, i know the risk i am taking when i go there, and when i own someone in the face it makes victory all the sweeter, but i really do wish i could some how have a chance at a more even playing field

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