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Milkshaker / Semptra - Over and out.

This is a discussion on Milkshaker / Semptra - Over and out. within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; bb milshaker and gl in real life sad to hear you got hacked Thx for all the time that we ...
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    bb milshaker and gl in real life
    sad to hear you got hacked

    Thx for all the time that we play together ^^

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    Well here is an update. Im bored so i thought i would inform anyone who cares that K2 Network responded to the 3 Tickets that i submitted. And apparently they still want me to play Knight online because they decided to replace the items I lost:

    Here is a List...

    Rogue Shell Pauld +8
    Rogue Shell Pads +7
    Rogue Shell helm +7
    Rogue Shell Gaunts +7
    Rogue Shell Boots +7

    Iron Bow+8/80
    Scorpion Bow +7

    Iron Belt
    Elf Belt +1
    Black Dragon Necklace +1
    Elemental Pendant +1
    Elf Metal Earring
    Rogue Earring +2
    Ring of Life
    Ring of Life
    Kekuri Ring +1
    1700 Knight Cash
    1 Stack of 1500 HP Scrolls
    1 Stack of 300 AC scrolls
    1 Stack of AP+ scrolls
    3 Trinas Pieces

    (thats all i remember)

    The genius staff at K2 decided that it would be fair to replace those items with a full set of Rogue Shell +6 (no enchant) and 2 Iron Bows +7/70 I am posting this so that you will know what to expect from the people running the game that you are paying for, not that it came as a shock to me, but reality is a little more concrete when it happens to you.

    K2 Customer support wrote:

    Hail milkshaker!

    Thank you for contacting the Knight Online Customer Support Team. We understand the loss of items can be frustrating. However, we've previously restored items to this account and will be unable to perform further restorations at this time. We are aware that the items restored may not be the same as your previous items; however they will assist you on your way to reclaim your original items or even better. Protection on a player's account is solely upon the responsibility of our players and their computer settings. Knight Online is in no way at all responsible for any losses done by lack of those security parameters, and therefore any loss of items and/or Noah will not be restored on this account. Please understand that compensation may not always be granted, however, for good faith and courtesy we have already provided items appropriate to your level . If you have any questions on how to protect your account from being compromised, please visit our website at We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Thank you for your understanding and happy hunting!

    -CSR Vanthiella, Knight Online Customer Support

    So guys have fun playing this shit game.

    Sincerely, Jeff (Milkshaker)

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    That is a lot better than half of the shit ppl got.

    Most ppl get Shells + 3 / Ring sets +7 / and no weapons

    But anywayz, I am sorry for your lost and gl in rl!

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    Sorry to hear you got hacked bro. Thats why when i left I gave all my gear away (minus my +7 shield of mordeth). I never wanted to be tempted to go back to this crappy ass game .

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    Well GL milk havent really talked to you since you were in Rising Force with me but i still hate to see you go hope you do good in what ever game you play bud


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    One of the first people ive met in this game. Good luck in RL mate.

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    Gl bro..i say we bomb a turk cafe for every GG thats hacked xP
    then K2 for not replacing the items

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    my bro told me about this post, really sorry to hear Jeff
    Yea u didnt play but i know ur items and char meant a lot to you, because of the time and effort put in (unlike most people)
    Catcha on msn from time to time

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    good luck w/e u do boring archer

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    gl jeff, was nice to know you the short while i did

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