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Is Miracle a good clan? Really is Shit

This is a discussion on Is Miracle a good clan? Really is Shit within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; im pretty sure that they can be banned i remember okemiro( i think thats how u spell it) telling me ...
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    im pretty sure that they can be banned

    i remember okemiro( i think thats how u spell it) telling me that u can get banned for luring things in girakon

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    Stop to suck their turkish d1cks. Bosses are free ksing them is alright. Luring on anyone killing a boss isnt fair .[/b]
    Lol, Like I said, do whatever it takes to get the drop, in the same position I would do the exact same thing.

    You really are Miracle's bitch eh?
    Every post on Miracle I see, you're there defending them, with usually completely ridiculous logic.
    It's a matter of respect.
    If you play like that, it just shows what kind of person you are.
    Greedy, disrespectful, etc. etc.

    I'm sure if we got an SS of Miracle ks'ing someone on Paramun, you'd come up with some retarded answer as to why it's okay.
    Actually, I'm positive you would.

    Also, isn't ks'ing a Boss a little more serious than ks'ing Paramun?[/b]
    I don't know anyone from Miracle I just call it how I see it, if I defend them so be it. Respect? There is no respect in ko. You learn this the hard way, You don't get ahead by letting other people take what you want. Comparing this to the real world. Two men going for a job interview, one of them arrives five minutes early. Do you think the other guy will not do the interview because the other guy was there first? Do you think people become successful by letting other people have what they want? I think not. The real world is not first come first serve, You have to take it however you can get it, do whatever it takes. When I played ko, I lured ksed, ect. whatever it took to get the drop. If you're a true boss hunter you know that is the only way, you can't just let other people kill what you want. They could have simply put on a TS like you should always do when you're killing a boss and they won't have these problems, bitching and moaning about a lurer on the forums. The difference between ksing a boss and ksing paramun is that paruman respawn quickly, don't drop anything spectacular, just for exp. Ksing paramun is worse because it's rude and pointless because neither of you are getting good exp. Bosses are different because one of you will get the drop. Ksing paramun will never be okay, no matter who does it. Don't assume, It only makes you look stupid.

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    bosses are fair game for ksing.. not for luring tho :/[/b]
    50% true, its very hard though to take a boss while some1 Ks u, however if u ks others u might get drop.... well it ends up with who dmg more.

    as for luring thats gay ;(

    luca i hope u go to turkey and kill ur sharer :lol:
    if i assume that he's the one responsible to all of this crap then kill him, or commit suicide :P

    P.s. for topic opener,

    OMG U LOST HQ....

    dude server is full of bosses and i hope u dont care much about the item (i know killing bosses is the fun, items are the bonus ).
    and try to get ur clan on bosses, they can help u with those accidents.


    i think we all agree that u must get muted from ko4life for a long time..
    whos with me?
    u play edana right?
    LEAVE AKARA PLAYERS ALONE, no1 wants to hear ur bs, u just make ppl post curses and shits about u like im doing right now, and its shitty imo.

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    sad =(

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    Yay flame war!

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