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"A Modest Proposition" on KOW

This is a discussion on "A Modest Proposition" on KOW within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; i think its a good idea.. but 1) dont think K2 would do such a thing.. and 2) i dont ...
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    i think its a good idea.. but 1) dont think K2 would do such a thing.. and 2) i dont think it will ever be the same.. when we look back now ko was alot more fun because we all didnt make goals to reach the highest lvl or best items etc.. it was fun being a noob.. but if we do go back to old KO everyone will want the new skills that came out in expansions.. they will want the newer items and zones.. ko will never be the same -_-[/b]
    everything is now so competitive and everyone has to be the best to such an extent that they are willing to spend thousands of $ on babashopping, or macro and dupe items and uniques. That mentality that i HAVE to win and will do anything to pwn everyone will cross over even if we bring back old ko it was originally meant for casual players, where you could come and play an hour or two and just have fun, i know, who ever heard of such a thing? now its just exp exp exp and then go pk and get killed by these higher lvls with nicer items <_< but now I think the same attitudes that people have now would cross over even in original ko and it couldnt be casual and fun anymore :mellow:

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    I get kills in cz
    and for the people who dont like it wrong place wrong time bad lwl

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