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The most tactical character?

This is a discussion on The most tactical character? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by 0000000 warrior on the other hand is the same no matter how u play it. You run ...
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    Originally posted by 0000000

    warrior on the other hand is the same no matter how u play it. You run around spamming 3-4 buttons and not paying the slightest attention to what your party is doing.
    love being warrior B)

    in my opinion, mages and priests are both hard to play, only that a mage is an easy target. I've played a mage for a year and a half before i got hacked, now im playing a 61 warrior, got my mage back, i tried to play my mage but its so boring now :P

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    lr mage = stunning :lol:

    well mages is fun when u got nice armor/uniques/DD helmet
    i pwned alot of ppl but with out my babas around me i could have died :unsure:

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    Originally posted by Creeper

    mage is an easy target.
    Yes, most stupid paper mages are. But go 1v1 some really good mage...and u may reconsider High lvl mage with best gear is a god

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    Conin if that is instant, you could just use it as a town when there's a human near you? That doesn't sound that bad..

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    i think priest, mostly because of the timing involved. true, almost every other class has to time their skills well to be effective. but i dont think there is any other class that has the lives of perhaps everyone else in their party dependent on timing. if a mage misses a tp or slows at the wrong time, sure it messes things up but no one dies. as a priest, missing cures/heals can cause your party to die, and thus i think tactically i have to go with priest. of course, i'm biased because i only play priest and mage.

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    Originally posted by Devile
    Defensive mage. He can see the whole fight with a very good perspective of whats going on and keep alive his whole party. Usually melees get lost in the fight being to close to enemies, is hard to see whats going on everywhere. If u play defensive mage, u can see the big picture.

    Small party with good tp mage can own easily big parties.

    Agree, warrior is easy. Cares only for himself. He has no other job than hit ppl.
    This is one of biggest mistake every warrior does.. no you shouldn't concentrate on hiting ppl.. it's wrong.

    i remmber when Jarmil was still playing (first owner from Czech Republic , he lv'ed char to 64 and sold after getting k2'ed). When i was pking with him.. he always was watching me or other mages , when we got attacked , his prime target was guy hiting mages , because when mage is being attacked his almost useless (even retard can break spell castings , and mage who doesn't cast is ........ ).

    I remmber one situation on war , when we (clan party) were one of last runing outside orc castle , and rest was closed inside.. i was only mage in party so everyone knew i had to stay alive (sorry babe no rezz scrolls and no stones.) , i got lag , rest of party just headed their way , didn't waited for me.. i got pwned by 2 bp's , bye all , war lost for our party.

    Warrior has to watch whole fight all the time.. he can't run infront as blind berserker..

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    Originally posted by Aqu
    Sounds like my choice of intel ice/light was the right choice for party pvp then *
    i thought you were pride of being paper noob ^^

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