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My first k2 rant ever, wow.

This is a discussion on My first k2 rant ever, wow. within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by Hydr0+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Hydr0)</div> Originally posted by Devile @ <!--QuoteBegin-phantomlink the first/last name and address has been added to ...
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    Originally posted by Hydr0+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Hydr0)</div>
    Originally posted by Devile@

    the first/last name and address has been added to the information list since 3 months ago. *What I can MAYBE do is ask for him to check your account info to show your CS log and them resetting your pw, so maybe he will do it again. *He isn't online atm so I cant tell

    Thats the point. They SHOULD NOT change their validation standards every 3 months!!! Specially since the information they ask was NEVER sent through email or was any alert of being important and customers should save it.

    In university or MBA's/PHD's u will study LOTS of cases about companies that did great/horrible dealing with certain problems. K2 definiteley should be a case of study of what NOT to do in a company. The thing i hate the most is that there's no sense of TEAM there. ppl do their job and thats it. If someone reports him a HUGE issue but has nothing to do with his job he just says that and moves on. WTF?!

    I live in a third world country, still if someone at my work does that shit, gets fired the same day. This is something i wasnt expecting from an american company. It's just silly the way they handle problems.

    That website has been recoded like 3 times now, yet they fail to do the most basic thing: AUTHENTICATE ANY OPERATION VIA EMAIL. U want a password change? ok, key send to email and if its replied/url validated then password change is valid. U need address change? same shit. U register? email is sent with ALL the info u need to KEEP (email, bday, address, accountid, password) and a huge note that say "DONT DELETE THIS SHIT, KEEP IT SAFE OR WE WONT DO SHIT WHEN U HAVE PROBLEMS". This forum is free and has that shit. Hotmail has it. Pretty much every online service has it!

    Instead we got loads of flash animations that lag as hell (which btw prolly increased their bandwidth usage), LOADS of security issues (SQL injection ftw!) and no email validation! And if I report/suggest this to the few ppl in know there, they will all reply "sorry, i dont work in that area, cant do anything" and not even forward that. Not their fault, is how the company is "organized".

    All goes to a VERY VERY VERY BAD MANAGEMENT and prolly limited resources, but its mainly bad management at the key places in K2. Study case for sure.

    rofl omg i love u !!!!![/b]
    <3 too. Devile where u from please.

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    I think K2 has caused the BBB website to crash a few times now with the amount of people that are putting complaints through now. How on earth K2 managed to land a game like KO is amazing. Talk about blind luck.

    K2 the get rich quick company.

    I willing to bet K2 were only expecting this to last for a short period of time and now they really dont know what to do because it proven to be bigger than what they can actually handle

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    in other mmorpg i was playing.. there's an option to personalize your account right after you buy your first premium , also you recieve key , when ever you got hacked you just use this key like "magic password" and you got your account back. If there happened something with your account and you cvant do nothjing you just send e mail with issue info ,and add scan of your papers (dunno how you call it in english , i mean dopcument you recieve when you are adult) , they just check if personal info match and you got account back... that game is being by small German company.. and they are doing great job.

    Long live Cip Soft !

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