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my lil contest copied from tez for tez <3

This is a discussion on my lil contest copied from tez for tez <3 within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; lol...
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    well im off work and looks like no one won XD

    tez&#39;s alltime favorite nickname which he asks us to call him all the time is dot head cause hes a big hindu indian thing or somethin idk his cultural shit XD

    and bottles is 0, was 8 but filled 3 with flat pepsi and 1 with water and 2shots of bacardi to grade 6 kids for 20bucks a bottle felt bad afterwards so gave em a real one and lol that was some pricless shit. and i think i broke the other five XD

    paddy had the bottles and yak had the nickname

    gg all ill try and make another one soon for the kek 1 i got in my inn also, but itll be harder
    geez i cant belive only 1 person got dot head XD look at his msn pic ppl :P[/b]
    your bad at this .... you still got to give out the prize to closest playing ko

    yak would get it then since paddy doesnt play ko anymore and he is a mod which is excluded

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    ya but im a dick

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