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My Rant

This is a discussion on My Rant within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Me and my friend (Bathory) will go on a get away soon so before the flight date we thought we ...
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    Me and my friend (Bathory) will go on a get away soon so before the flight date we thought we would play some KO to past time.

    How do you even make coins anymore? I mean really? Don't give me BDW, Dungeon and all that crap, because the coins got to originate from somewhere. It seems to me most of the coins (if not all) in all the servers are from goldbar companies. An example is Lamia use to drop soul pots and weapons where you can sell to NPCs for high amount of coins, but WTF happen to the drop rate? It doesn't drop soul pots as often and the NPC's price is so low.

    I know the notion of "adapting to the new environment" but WTF? Do I really need to use $$$ to play now?

    Shit, really, I was looking at the Space Needle's menu and I thought their prices are expensive. However, I still rather pay to go there and have an elegant date with someone in real life then waste my $100 on KO. Don't give me that crap about they can do whatever with "their" money. Stop using your mom's CC. Also "this is how they having fun", like me having dinner at the Space Needle. Bullcrap, if you can chose spending money on a game rather then spending money going out, then I guess you really, really, "REALLY" consider getting a life.

    Don't blame K2 for sinking this game to crap, it's just their business strategy. It's the friken KO community that has let this game sunk so low. Protest all you want but action speaks louder than words. Instead of whining "OMG K2 this!" and "K2 that!", go outside or play another game and show them you won't pay for a shitty game.

    After all that I would like to give a shout out to all the sins on C-West. I don't know why, but if any sins consider buying items for $$$, maybe you should pay me to give you guys combo lessons. Seriously, my friend (Bathory), her character, is only lvl 63 with full plates +6-7 and quest accessories. You guys can't kill her by yourself? I mean, ImCoooooolzzzz or whatever, what's up man? What lvl are you? $35 an hour, hit me up yo! To be fair, she did died from sins, but only with malice + parasite or 5-10 people attacking her at the same time.

    Peace out, see you newbies in 2 weeks after my getaway.[/b]
    Really nice written i agree 100% what u say.

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    you ppl should come back to game

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