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MYKO Adonis Players

This is a discussion on MYKO Adonis Players within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Adonis had the levels and good gears but Cyphers were the ones who knew how to PK. >:] Matt, firstly ...
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    Adonis had the levels and good gears but Cyphers were the ones who knew how to PK. >:]

    Matt, firstly grats on your exam results, perhaps the alcohol didn't kill too many of your braincells. Secondly, Fahrenheit're just jealous because you'll never be asian no matter how fluent your chinese becomes.

    last time I checked learning a second language had nothing to do with assimilation :P. If that was true youd be european for speaking english <3

    Anyway mandarin = tap into 1/3 of aucklands population for audiology and money nothing more. I wouldnt be learning it if I couldnt turn a profit and it&#39;s that simple <3.

    anyway sleep time

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    Wao, VanMan and Snowcloud in that ss

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    fahrenhite suck, on a futher note so did cypher :P..... ANYWAY exams are over gpa 96% kthx grade average A ^_^

    now to stop drinking drugs and get my lisence back (FUCKING DEMIRIT POINTS) and ill be a stand up member of society haha.

    anyway azzurri remember revenge, ive been trying to get in touch with him he had a warrior called 53. I tracked down atla and cidori any of the other melay / sg players would be cool.

    I&#39;ll be living with one of the old e-games gm&#39;s who ran off to another company for 3 months while im doing a semester at singapores medschool.

    - my new toy , sold the levin and purchased this for 20k. Cant drive it for another 3 months legally but I love it... Only down side is even with the correct pipeing and exhaust system the sound produced by a vtec is no where near as much of an awe factor as a wrx or late series evo and type r&#39;s still dont sit 4 people comfortably so friends require fold up legs.

    revenge? Neo you mean? I have his msn but didn&#39;t see him online for months. There isn&#39;t much sg players in IS. Most of them are in DAN or RAINBOWNINJAS. IS and OKS have more euroupean/usa players. Sanctuary our sub clan has a number of sg players. But I don&#39;t keep their contacts.

    Where is SnowY in the ss? I miss him. Haha.

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    Adonis had the levels and good gears but Cyphers were the ones who knew how to PK. >:][/b]
    And was almost free of GM corruption (except SwordDancer haha)

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    MYKO is close now

    who wana join with me in Ares .... i also from the adonis n who know tigerjohn in MYKO

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    yeah he was in the closed beta, that was his present for beta testing he said I think, what a start to a game, corrupted already, even gms checked it they said it dropped from troll king lol. It was a long bow, think it had dex bonus on it but I don&#39;t recall really. Lets not get into the corruption part cuz the ones in closed beta also got delvled and didn&#39;t lose thier skill points lol. Full Heal, full duff at lvl 60 ftw. MYKO was good stuff either way, gotta love buff scrolls in sundries store!

    Simple trivia really:
    1) Mikee was prob first to break 100np or possibly gexhell, mikee had a hella lot of NP is all I remember.
    2) most likely WMD, not certain though
    3) Adonis and Xignon
    4) Old CZ, well I recall shaula spawning all over old cz, like the rest
    5) Probably humans cuz there has always been more people pick their char based on their looks or wannabe looks :P[/b]
    1) It was WoHenQuian (probably misspelled his name but whatever)
    2) 2 partys of LEGONDARY and 1 party of RAINBOWNINJA&#39;s did it. It dropped a soul pot.
    3) Correct, Adonis and Xignon
    4) Heh it did spawn randomly now that u remind me, all I remeber was that it spawned alot right out side orc base and alot of humans whined about it.
    5) Humans OWNED orcs during the first war on Adonis. Does anybody remember the confusion on how to invade karus (couldnt figure out how to get past guards and use portal).

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    lol i remeber Tangman and Vanman being in several clans together. Am I right? i thought you guys were brothers or something...

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    Odin FTMFW!!!!

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