hmmm, not new.. I can be using speed pots and a orc warrior on diez can be 1/2 mile away and catch me... not possible unless they use a spead hack, glitch, whatever you want to call it. But, you can't prove it. So, nothing to do about it. K2 banned 20 people in the past 30 days... They just don't care. You can go to Moradon and find sitting archers killing kecoons all day long, like 10 of them. The same ones every day.

Pretty soon people will either cheat themselves or just quit this game. But, if it is so blatently being done and K2 does nothing?? Is it a cheat? Or is it ok?

Town Novas... daily all day long on D1 and D2 in Human Base. I don't know about in Orc base, but I would assume so.

This game is so screwed up. K2 is the worst company I have even dealt with.