Yeah ive had this happen a few times, never to my advantage though :l

Most notably when i was running around orc side looking for ppl to fight without KS, gangbang etc. This sin who must have been i guess about 65 or so jumped me, so i start beating on him, he keeps running away (curses!) and coming back to try again though he didnt even get me near 50% (you know the type D so i think im clever and let him red ball me while i get his hp down to about 25%, i start potting up again and YES! leg cut gets him good, zuhaha!, im chuffed thinking no way he gets away this time.... but when he was down to practically 0 hp (i mean that point when you know 1 more hit will finish him), he dissapears into no where... I dont know for sure he didnt get TP but if there was a mage in party he must have been AFK for the last 5 mins for the amount of times i nearly killed him..

Yeah anyway, im bored waiting for servers to come back up :'(