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New Contest: Design a Boss

This is a discussion on New Contest: Design a Boss within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Thats dumb, first of all the unqiues, and second, the only attacks it does is drains? You cant kill ...
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    Thats dumb, first of all the unqiues, and second, the only attacks it does is drains? You cant kill a monster with only drains, ull just be at 1 hp killing it lol one fh ur good.

    *edit* I still think its kinda dumb, coz then anyone can tank, unbuffed, naked.. aslong as they have like 4k hp and get spamed 1920
    My boss : Ultimate Dragon.
    Basically it looks like a Ultima riding on a felankor. :P
    How to get there : You need a Felankors tail and a ultimas head, tail has around 10% chance of drop and same for head, obtained from felankor/ultima ofc. When you have both, you turn in at an npc on last floor of abyss, to get the "Engraved Key", this key will tp any of the clan in abyss to Ultima Dragon's room, so no farming LOADS.
    Once you are in, the fun isn't over, you start off in a safe zone town, with repot etc, just like bifrost. Now you have a maze, no acid or anything, but ANY monster can appear in the maze, theres like a 0.5% of a moradon monster, and 1% chance of felankor/ultima, other wise it can be TK, SQ, lamia, troll, beast, bach, isiloon, w/e. After you complete that you end up in a room with the Ultima Dragon only, no agro.

    Its stats ( they may be hard but it's worth it ):
    Hp : 2,700,000
    Ac : Ultimas ac, and any damage outside of the circle is absorbed as hp for the monster.
    Attacks : Its melee does around 3k on 1400 ac. Its aoe is same as ultima.
    Special Attacks: Cancellation : It sets everybody's durability of there armor to 0 in his cave. ( Yes that means everyones gonna have to have a magic hammer ;p, it can only use the skill once and it does it immediately at half hp. )
    Target: Ultimate Dragon targets one random enemy in the room to attack, if they are ranged it will not aoe but will range one hit ko you. ( sorry priests ), he will target them untill they die. Skill used every minute.

    Drops :
    It will 100% drop you : Gold bar, Exceptional Weapon +7, 2 Uniques ( Tier 3 unique, Tier 2 Unique )
    It may drop you : Fragment of Ultima,( 15% ) Tier 1 unique( 25% ) or Unique Of Ultimated Power. (5% )

    Tier 1 unique = Iron Necklace, Glass Belt, Iron Belt, Ring of Felankor and Skeleton Belt
    Tier 2 unique = Ring of Life, Ring of Magic, Ring of Courage, Elf metal earing, Platnium earing, Secret Silver Earing.
    Tier 3 Unique = Warrior earing, Rogue earing, White silver earing, Diamond Ring.

    Fragment of Ultima = Bifrost fragment, It's like 100% a bifrost unique.

    Pendant of Ultimate Power
    35 AC
    8 Dagger Defense
    8 Sword Defense
    8 Spear Defense
    8 Axe Defense
    8 Arrow Defense
    8 Club Defense
    10 Strength
    5 Dexterity
    20 Health
    30 Fr/Gr/Lr

    Ring of Ultimate Power
    60 AC
    10 Strength
    8 Dexterity
    12 Health
    5 Sword defense.

    Belt of Ultimate Power
    60 ac
    15 Dagger Defense
    15 Sword Defense
    15 Axe Defense
    15 Arrow Defense
    15 Spear Defense
    15 Club Defense
    5 Health
    50 Gr.

    Earing of Ultimate Power :
    30 AC
    10 Health bonus
    10 Strength Bonus
    10 Dexterity Bonus
    5 Dagger Defense
    15 Lr/Gr/Fr

    Best drop = Coins, Gold bar, RoL, Warrior earing, Exceptional II +7, Ultimate Unique.
    Worst drop = Coins, Gold bar, RoM, DR, Exceptional Elixer +7.
    Coins = 32k
    Exp = you get blessed 1m for everyone when you kill it
    Re spawn = After Sunday restart only.[/b]
    Got my own personal favorite :lol:

    When getting home I'll post my own personal boss.

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    uniques sound nice, but the earing is WAYYYYYYYYYY to over powering

    at +0.............THOSE should be +1 stats

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    That's umm...2 hits?[/b]
    Lol maybe but respawn time is long ! Low hp for give a chance for most of player

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    name: onehitkoboss
    drops:Unknown ( cause no1 killed it )
    only way to kill it: 50,000 people on it

    and that is my boss

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    uniques sound nice, but the earing is WAYYYYYYYYYY to over powering

    at +0.............THOSE should be +1 stats[/b]
    Lol, i think if a clan actually manage to get the two items they need, then kill the monster and get that drop they deserve it. And i would say the belt is more overpowered then earing xd but like i said anyone who kills that deserve it.


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    most here i see only stealing pics from other games etc, thats just lame if u got no imagination -,-.[/b]
    so u want us to create our own.. like dragons in photoshop from 0 ?

    lol -,- zzzz

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