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NEW Contest: Design Your Own Dungeon/PK Zone/Monster Zone

This is a discussion on NEW Contest: Design Your Own Dungeon/PK Zone/Monster Zone within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Destruction of KS PvP area (dcz/cz) duration: 2 hours time: 3 times a day place: all over dcz and cz ...
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    Destruction of KS PvP area (dcz/cz)

    duration: 2 hours
    time: 3 times a day
    place: all over dcz and cz
    prize: win double nps than you would usually have

    this is a time when you can 1 vs 1 and with no interuptions like if a mage aoe's it would'nt affect you or the person you are vsing. Also like any help skills from people in or not in your party will also not affect you or the person you are vsing, like heals, teleport, etcetera... So like once you attack someone you are forced too vs them until one of you dies, the only way too get away from vsing is too run really far away and town it like.. some turks do sometimes. i ha this idea becuz i thought about all the people who usually KS alot... and like to 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,etc. VS 1 it rly sucks when people just gangbang you.

    hope this is good :wub: :mellow: :wub: :unsure: h34r: :wub:

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    Ok here are my ideas,
    This is similar to our base in colony zone, BUT it will be place in the middle of the bowl.
    What make this different from the regular base is, if u get kill by the towers or the mobs in side, u will lose 25 national points. Towers will hit both races, and here is the unique part, which ever race has more players inside the zone, the towers will only shoot that race and remain neutral to the lesser race.

    The Prices: 60% coins from taxes of both nations will go directly there, and who ever take down the crystal wins it. + 2000 nps

    Another idea, capture the flag kinda style. I like this one as much as the first one.
    A flag will be put in the middle of colonyzone. Who ever bring the flag back into their own base, their nation will get 20% attack boost,20% ac,20% hp and 20 resis. BUT here is the good part, once the player hold the flag, only 1 person hold at a time, he can not be teleport, he will be moving at the speed of a full iced player.
    Once the flag is in the base, that nation will get those bonuses for 1 hour, then the cycle repeat!

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    Keep 'em coming h34r:

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    so.. when do i win my gold name?

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    Plunder Wars
    LVL 70-80

    Amount Of People
    15 Parties from each nation

    60 minutes

    2 Times a day (every 12 hours)

    Lunar War Entrance Zone

    120 people (each nation seperatly) are selected at random creating 15 parties, created like BDW, or ED. Everyone will spawn in their seperate nations jail as the starting point (2.5 minute opening jail interval). Both nations will rush to the flag, and the party to inflict the most damage upon it will receive the flag (the person within the party who did the most dmg gets the flag). The person with the flag then becomes a commander, gaining whip and /command chat.
    The objective is to then destroy the two locks at the two opposing nations outpost fortresses which will unlock the gate to the castle. The commander with the flag must then get to the castle and insert the flag (which is actually a key) into the lock to win. This will end the event rewarding players with prizes dependin on who wins.

    Cool Things About The Map
    Everyone will be scrolled immediatly, and only speed pots (for sins, and commanders) and AP scrolls (for priests) will be deletable.
    (draining will be disabled to prevent the first sin to drain from always getting flag)
    The added water in the map forces players towards the flag, making it a massive mosh pit of fighting, preventing those noobs from running away for ever, hope you have a good computer for those Nova's.(commander cannot be TP'd and cannot TP others. If the commander dies with the flag the flag is then reset in the middle with 1/2 hp and 1/2 ac as it had before, making it easier to take each time a commander dies with it)
    (the nations commander is reset for each time the flag is taken)
    (the opposing nation that does not posses a flag transforms the person who has killed the most of the enemey nation into a commander)

    Winner: Each person from the winning nation receives 3 blue gems, the actual person to cap the flag gains 3 blue gems and a silver gem
    Losers: Each person from the losing nation recieves 1 green gem, and 2 blacks
    Tie: Everyone receives 1 black, green, and blue gem

    This even can also be done with a 55-59, or 60-69 with just a weaker flag and less valuable rewards.

    It is a pvp zone and you gain as much np as in cz

    There are Guards within the Castles helping protect the final lock that take away x3 np as a player would.

    sry its long hope you like it. if not, ill go cut my wrists :"( o and this is not done by HisHoliness =\ its done by his son, his grammer is > than mine.

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    Up it

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    1v1 Event. Once a day. What happens is you 1v1 someone if you win you pass up the ladder just like a tournament. You will only fight people with the same level as you ( if your left out u will fight one with 1 lvl higher or lower ), AND the SAME class ( 2 int priests ftw ;p )
    It starts like BW, you enter at an npc and theres 10 mins for everyone to enter and it shows up numbers.
    When the 10 minuters are up it will tp you into a room with one other person ( can be same nation ), you are automatically buffed 1500/300/wolf, you then have two minutes to click an npc inside the arena and press "ready". When both are ready, there will be a countdown from 10 to the 1v1 ( untill then you cant attack ). Then you 1v1. Winner of that 1v1 will recieve 1m coins, 1m exp and 100 np. You then pass on to the next room. This time you have 3 minutes to repot, repair and click ready, same rules apply, same lvl, no attacking till it counts down and same class again. This time it is 2m, 2m exp and 200 np for winning. These preliminary matches will depend on how many people signed up. The np goes up 100 every match, 1m exp and 1m coins every match, untill the quarter finals, where the reward is 1k np, 5m exp and a red chest. Semi final reward is 2k np, 8m exp and green chest and finally, the final. The final can be ANY class v class and ANY level v level, if you are skilled enough to get there, you are skilled enough to win. The winner of the final will recieve 5k nps, 10m exp blue chest and a silver gem, he will also not be able to participate in the next event. ( prized do not stack. you will receive what prize you deserve after you leave )

    You may say the best will always win, heres the thing, If you win, you get a HANDICAP. So lets say you win, you get handicap 5, wich is no armor boots. If you win with handicap 5, its handicap 4, which is no gaunts or boots, handicap 3 is gaunts, boots and helm ( get rid of the weapon defense ) handicap 2 is all armor gone and handicap one is all jewelery gone.

    Numbers would be like this, lets say 554 orcs and 450 humans join, thats 1004 people, So after first match, theres 502 people left. After second match theres 251 left. (the person who took the longest to win will be kicked). 3rd match 125 people left (same) then next match 62 left, then 31, ( same) 15, ( same ), 7 ( same ) then the final 3. Person A fights person B, winner fights person C.[/b]

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