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new idea

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    fastí plat and goo 80

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    and the prize would be what? a bus? :P[/b]

    shard+10 :P

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    To the people that are saying xping sucks and bdw and platinum is a good thing:

    Go exp to lvl 80, and when lvl cap is raised after all your hard work find out a new patch is coming where they inject 70-80 bdw with 510874801mil exp reward.

    And pk was ALOT more fun when people had to exp to 70 without any big xp give-aways like bdw. At that time everyone was even, some put more time in and those were the people that ruled cz. Unlike the babashopped lvl 80 chars that combo like shit...

    edited: Not talking about the turks that duped (they were a pain in cz, but they didnt get any respect)[/b]
    Anything that would help people with less time to play get higher levels is a good thing. That means they will have more time for PvP and we might get some more action in CZ. Even with platinum premium, getting level 80 is a pain in the ass if you ask me. There has never been a time where everyone was even, there has always been people cheating to get advantages, there has always been people with more time to spend and get stronger characters and there always will be, get over it.

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