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This is a discussion on New MMO within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by SaTaN Im just wondering who is gunna fund this game. There's more to making a game then ...
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    Originally posted by SaTaN
    Im just wondering who is gunna fund this game. There's more to making a game then just ideas. TONS of business and copyright acts to go through. There's lisencing the game itself in order to even have it on net, and going through each aspects of the game so you don't copy something from another game and end up broke because your getting sued. All of this, plus the time and effort involved, i highly doult this game will be made at all. Like its good to think of this and all but you need a full time staff of over 300 people plus paying them to do this so the game doesnt take over 10 years to create, i see this as just a dream. I wish you good luck in doing this :wub:

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    Originally posted by JustAnotherSucker+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(JustAnotherSucker)</div>
    Originally posted by priestish@

    ya, also thats why we need to make a new mmo, a while back i had a ko server running on my machine, and i investigated into the realms of putting it onto linux, ko doesnt currently have a program that can run on linux. even so, a new mmo will be more fun anyway :wub: *:wub:

    The odds are the KO server will run on linux is closer to 0% than any number not zero. They need to port SQL, from my memory that is a microsoft thing.
    And the client runs on directX which is a MS thing again. Makes me wonder if KE was made with MS Visual Studio.
    First SQL doesnt men by any chance Micro$oft, Oracle is the best realational DB outhere and runs best on Linux/Unix
    Again having the client side running directX doesnt mean the server has to be in windows...
    I'm sending Jess an email, maybe I can be of some assistance if this goes further [/b]
    I was refering to KE as being a MS dependent game. That is not a bad thing because 90% or more people run windows as their OS.

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