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A New Project

This is a discussion on A New Project within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Yeah... Remeber how succesfull the ko4life server was? Atleast good luck. Cause u will need it This comes from the ...
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    Yeah... Remeber how succesfull the ko4life server was?

    Atleast good luck. Cause u will need it

    This comes from the Heart and i really mean it... KO community is full of scumbags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kallop View Post
    It could be under development or just Danny couldn't post maybe cuz Ko4life was down? Oh well.
    quote from danny : we're not going to pay anyone for doing SQL for this server as it will be a non-profit project, so if anybody knows someone who is 110% trustworthy who can do the quests for us, we will be able to put the server up. If no one steps up to help us out for a couple of days, we will not bring up the server, maybe even at all.

    so yeah not under development, just a fail like i called it out to be. very gg

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    I'm not competing with you or anyone else on these forsaken forums. I won't "advertise" the server here if it does ever come out. My intentions of this interest was for the people, not for my or anyones' pocket, therefore, if you are part of a group that is long gone these days, you will know about it, if not, then you'll have to dig. When I said non-profit, I meant entirely to have fun and allow our players to play with each other with whatever minimum is required to upkeep the server and whatever math goes above expenses will go toward the server and if we are paid out for a long time, we eventually won't charge anybody for playing, even if you are new, unless obviously the increase causes us to need new margins by then. I haven't been actively moving forward with the project because my wife is 9 months pregnant and the near future is going to consume 25 or more hours a day from my 24; nothing to do with ko4life being down.

    I appreciate all those who supported and support me for this project as I've attempted it once when I had more connections (but busier, scattered players) and I've attempted it now after a few years. I hope I can be privileged to satisfy your needs sooner than later, but I can't make any promises, I hate them. All I know is I'm trying my best with what I've got and I know those who are deserving, appreciate it for what it is and will be there when the time comes.

    For those who are looking forward to playing much sooner than "sooner than later", I would suggest following Kallop, as Killing_spree, my best trustee, has advised me to do so. I believe he will be playing bigdudle's server, but I may be wrong. I don't think I will post anything about my server anymore here, so if you want to reach me, just skype me at danny.xs. This isn't me letting you all down, I don't want to give up even though no one stepped up to the SQL plate, but who knows... Thank you to all those who fueled me to try, I would like to repay you with my thanks, when I can -- I simply don't have the time to do so now.

    Take care guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny View Post
    I don't know how many of you know me anymore, but it's been years since I've had any activity on these memorable forums. So I've been wandering about for a little bit now and I've seen a lot of retarded new things in USKO. Not too many good things in the Private Server world neither. I've heard +10's are now common on CWest aka "Anatolia", thanks to Ionia's generous contributions. I see lots of private server people competing to get the most hands on their setup but I don't see much of them lasting, if any. Owners are too involved in making it a financial intent as opposed to giving the players that "next place to be". The reason why private servers for any games ever really existed was actually to have privacy (hence the name Private server...); whether it was for you to play solely with your clan/friends or to block specific foreign IP's from being involved with where you're at -- not for profiting. As more people have learned how to make them, it has evolved into some hectic market where hosts are amateurishly advertising their pasting' of other designers endlessly. Everyone can agree that there are some seriously flunky servers out there and USKO isn't looking any better than it, especially when the money being spent just to play is added to the equation.

    It's already the end of 2013 and I still feel like many players would agree that KO's potential is not yet murdered when it comes to the world of PvP'ing. I would love to see a server that consists of our English community and what surrounds us, along with other friendly foreign countries who won't divide the server(s), where people actually look forward to playing and not having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on, like most do in USKO for many years now... Wouldn't you? My goal is to make a comfortable server that's fun from the get-go, where everything being bought in PUS by the players will strictly be to support the servers' standing. My second goal is to be able to design everything to be difficult yet as easy as possible for you to feel achieved and involved in the server, all-while keeping PK and in-game events active, so there's never nothing to do; YET, while giving you the happiness of being able to play for 2-3 hours and logging off satisfied, to go back to playing your LoL, Diablo or USKO account or whatever. I don't believe in a server where players must contribute hours in the middle of the night or getting sharers to slave for you, just to get to the level you want. I don't agree that EXP'ing is now fun, but I do believe it should be made to be fun, this way, you don't need and don't want a sharer, resulting in more people having their own accounts and a better server. "Why can't I just log in to PK with some friends, have a great time for a couple scrolls and not have to worry about some bullshit character responsibility later?" With this project, I will aim to give you this answer. For example, you could play Counter Strike and have a blast for 30 minutes with some friends and then stop to think whether you've had enough fun or to continue playing, because there's nothing better to do. In USKO however, you have to EXP for months (even with sharers) on a $30 monthly premium, just to be "eligible" to join an active farming clan who is willing to repay your contributing efforts to help you gear up so you can PK, and FINALLY start having some fun, where even that fun itself is occasionally common. To ice up that cake realistically, that farming clan won't help you enough to compete with idiots spending triple digits (or more) for item leaks with secret GM's. Even if you're planning on playing in that Titan server, everyone including yourself knows that it won't last. We need to do something about this if we plan on continuing playing this crazy game we just can't get our fingers off of named Knight Online.

    My interest in doing such a project has long been in my mind, even before I quit Ares around 2008 or so. However, no one has been available to be as interested as I am, in making "the perfect server". For all the people that know me will remember that trustworthy guy to go to for any questions regarding the community or the game, up until I was inactive. (I just want to introduce myself to any new generation players who don't know me.) Those people also know that I was never more than a friend in and out of game, who couldn't setup a private server from scratch. The idea for the server I'd like to see exist, has long been asked for by many that I know and never been made (to my knowledge at least). The problem is, I can't make it; I could imagine and design it in my mind and on paper for the developer who can code it, but I don't have the the time to learn to be able to execute the technicalities of the project on my own as many others do.

    So I have found someone who is capable of containing most of what I want into the layout of the server, but since we both don't have much time on our hands to communicate so often, we will likely need the help of one or more skilled volunteers, whom I know I can trust. As we are hoping to make this server as cheap (or free) as possible, unfortunately we cannot pay you for your beneficence, hence the word volunteer(s). If you are knowledgeable with customizing quests and contributing to "perfecting" everything including having the patience to fix your own grammar, you are the skilled person we seek at this moment. I know this forum has like, 30-50 people that come daily, maybe 150 inactives and the rest in limbo, but I do know that some of those 30-50 people or so may be oldies, clan leaders or participating people who can help spread the word of the upcoming server.

    At the moment, details of the server will be veiled for clearly obvious reasons, but I am willing to share just the tip of the iceberg. On a side note, even once the server is launched, if anyone will try to copy the server, which will likely happen quickly, obviously it would be up to you to decide whether you want to be a part of a positive movement that consists solidarity, or go to some jealous copy cat competitor. So for the good news; Beta should be ready within "a short while" (assuming in weeks) and the official server should be up in 2 months or sooner. PUS will be enabled as far as premiums or common/unique purchases such as scrolls, but again, our interest and intention is NOT to make profits on this project whatsoever. Even if a vast majority were to play my server and be active or play long-term, any profits made will be moved to pay for upgrades on the server in any ways befitting as possible. No far-fetched items such as Krowaz armors or Cursed weapons will be implemented. We already have all GM's so please don't PM me about wanting to be one, I apologize, but I know who I can already trust for years. GM's and us Admins, promise to NEVER help ANYONE in the server in ANYTHING, so don't ask. If I know you enough and I haven't approached you thus far regarding details of the project, I will gladly share it with you. If you know some oldie's who are looking to play KO again, share the invite, everyone likes legitimates and a more involving/active place to play. Even if the developer that I am working with does not successfully design it as intended, I will not stop until I finally find the right listening developer who can help execute what is necessary to give everyone a place where they can happily join and be here to stay. Also, I have already spoken to many old friends (and some who still play) and everyone agreed to join the server and tell their friends about it. For those who are wondering if I want to get back to playing, the answer is, yes, but I can't due to the lack of time on my hands, maybe 4 hours a week, maybe. I've been working on just the details of the server for weeks now (while at work when it's slow).The last and biggest detail I can share, is max level cap will be 59. Don't assume the worst, just remember I said that this type of server has never been done before. I apologize for spilling my mind on the keyboard yet again & thank you for taking the time to read my interests in making this community alive once again; I would appreciate any input whether positive or negative, seriously.
    sorry danny but i dont have free time to read all this

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    Nobody asked you to read it, spend more time getting dragon symbols.
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    what happened to this project?

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    sup danny.. im an oldie... i quit KO at 2006 (to go to military.. im from israel) im 26 now.
    i rememeber them old good days, couldn't agree more.
    need a server that doesn't run to make money.

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