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new server for turks

This is a discussion on new server for turks within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; :wub: welllll!! this idea came to me a year or so ago when we had the KOXP flying all over ...
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    Default new server for turks

    :wub: welllll!! this idea came to me a year or so ago when we had the KOXP flying all over oly and everyone flamed like a mother
    it jsut hitted me back recently... so yesterdya i posted it up on Suggestion on Official Forum.. if that even matters...
    i like some opinion from u all.. a word or two woudl be nice .

    why not have - ARES DIEZ etc.... as a MIX server
    have USKO open a fawking server called like TURKLYMPIA , TURKARES, TURKIEZ
    or whatever the hell the ywant
    and make another fawfking server called USOLYMPIA OR USAREZ !!

    im sure if everyone of us here in ko4life send them a fawking tickets and spam like a mother.. they'll respond to it
    since i notice a billion of u guys hate gettin pms SLM , PARTY PLZ, FAK UR MOTHER/SISTER

    if we have this TURK and US crap all in one ... who ever said it has to b called TURK ares.. basically.. jsut have the shit
    so that turks can infest it and we can infest our "english" server.

    language barrier is an ass... and this way.. i doubt it will causes k2 more money.. it prolly attract more customer
    since im sure many of us that quitted will coem back if there a fawking english server with no slm ...
    and turks can have their fun. and hey hey.. everyone happy.. k2 get their money.. we get our share..

    capise ? .. sounds good ? .. like i said. . jsut an opinion and a suggestion..

    SPAM THE FAWKING TICKETS! .. thera billion of us here... it'll go through their brains somehow .. worth a try..
    fwe minutes from everyone .. and it'll give us years of happiness. :wub:

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    Sorry, I'm gonna lock this, it'll probably be flamed to shit within hours. Besides that, it has been recommended before and shot down every single time. Face it, K2 are all about the profit, this would put a bit of a dent in their wallets.


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