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No need to argue ok? We are all friend

This is a discussion on No need to argue ok? We are all friend within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; first of all to all turkish guys : selam arkadesim nasilsin ? (im not turkish .) i have never hatted ...
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    first of all to all turkish guys :
    selam arkadesim nasilsin ? (im not turkish .)

    i have never hatted a nation , even today .
    i dont hate Turkey , its one of the most beautiful contries in the world , Turkey has diplomatic connections with Israel and most of the turkish people are'nt bad .
    the turkish ppl act diffrently from other world wide players , its obvious .
    they have other moral from us , they grow in a different society(right spell?) and have different religion from us , jews and christians .

    i dont hate turks , i knew alot of great turkish people , but thier behavior is pretty bad .
    for example :
    yesterday i was exping @ golems cz .
    exping exping exping
    all of a sudden someone comes from the clan "ImmortalSouls" .
    i dont pay too much attention , he asks for a party and i say "sorry im soloing" and continuing .
    and surprise surprise he starts to attack the golems of my spot .
    they like to start fights .
    theres an old saying in hebrew :
    "הקם להורגך השקם להורגו"
    "hakam lehorgeha hashken lehorgo"
    it means "the one who wants to kill you , kill him before he kills you ." (its very hard to translate that saying into english : )
    anyway , i invited him to the party , told him "tank the golems i will spam heal you"
    he started , i heal him and then i stopped so he will die .
    he died .
    i dont care if it was a turk or not , but remember this :
    "What goes around comes around . "
    world turns up to be good sometimes , and u should be aware of those times .

    the world(the rest of the world in Knight Online of course) is against you , and its not for nothing .
    no one here woke up in the morning and said , "oh its such a beautiful day , from now on i will hate turkish people ." .
    u guys bought ur reputation as dupers , macroers , ksers , lurers and as a huge headache .
    u might say "right but theres lots of turks and it seems that all the dupersksersetc. are turks but its because we are lots in this game" , but its not true .
    personally , i met dupers from all over the world .
    US , south america , canada , europe , israel , russia and turkey , but ive never seen that amount of game "criminals" .

    it seems like that u guys have totally no athics , that u think that the world spinning around u and that u are in the middle of the universe .
    well good morning , the world is spinning around itself and not around u .
    i really dont know if its true but it seems that u think macroing , ksing , duping and other ilegal acts are not good , but its OK to do it for ur own goods , and fuck the rest of the world .
    i take care of myself , i will macro because i dont want to lvl to 70 . whats the big deal ? its only a macro , its only to dupe an item , its only to ks someone , its only to lure mobs on him so he will die , not a big deal .
    well hello , it is a big deal .

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    Devile is right ( why do u waste so much time writing to ppl who will ignore the written)
    and its time someone to start DELETING not locking topics h43r:

    Originally posted by lietuvis
    90%turks of this game MORONS!!!!!!!!!!! and dont say that i wrong...i play this game like 2years soo i know believe me. BTW too many turks play KO, we need other countrys ppl,i am tyred of turks, they all time speaking shit and are soo STUPID


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    1.How can u assume that "fuck your mother" is something normal for everyone else.
    Can u show me where i said fuk ur Mother is normal?

    u are realy funny..cuz look at what i wrote

    "1.fuking familiy: mother sister father like this insulting"

    Do all those turk "kids" that call us morons, idiots, shits, bitches, fuck your mother, etc. are our friends?
    they are too not my friend..i dont accept swearing,bad words..but sometimes people can say to eachother somewords and they are not insulting

    U dont put in the same scale the 2 insults, why? Cause for YOU, "Fuck Allah" is terrrible, goes against your belief and for that "Fuck your mother" is not that bad. Hey, guess what, we aren't turks and we dont think like u do. Receiving all those insults that are "ok" for u, aren't "ok" for us. U want respect from us, well then start giving some and stop assuming things
    Maybe you dont want to understand me if something is very important for some1 and some1 swear it/ is insulting for me..that is why i wrote look at "3.insult to Belief " "5.insult to each other with the bad words " and if some1 say me,idiot moron is insulting for me..i can stop say this words to person...but the person must respect me too.

    Well, that same shit happens here too. After weeks of constant flaming, we take action and we are the racist bad guys that are only banning turks. I see this happens everyday, ingame and in forums.
    yes some of urs are realy racist..i wanna say something 1 week ago i was scammed and lost my shard+8 80..if i were very bad people or racist,i would open 1 topic and flame about Peruvian..

    Bottom line is, u can't assume that what is right for u will apply to everyone else. That if u want others to respect u, start showing respect to them. That every other nation that plays KO can't be WRONG about Turk players attitude. Some of u got serious issues and we won't allow them here, even if u call us racists
    u can not find any insulting word which i wrote..i wrote only moron+idiot+b1tch like this..if any one of them are insulting i apologize to person who i said these words.but ur moderator and some of forum's user said alots of bad word about my nation,Belief and Religion.. although there is too many reason to say bad words to them..i did not swear their Religion Nation or Belief..cuz i respect to all religion nation and Belief..and i wanto that people respect to my Beliefs..

    ps:im 25 years old

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    slm h43r:

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    God, you preach to get along in this topic, then you start talking Turkish.
    Also, you say they react when we insult them, but I don't see getting invited of seeking and getting tp-ed into golems without any reason a "reaction". Hell, I could write a book about how I think about it, but it's pretty clear.

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    Default Re: No need to argue ok? We are all friend

    Originally posted by TURKPRINC3SS+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(TURKPRINC3SS)</div>
    Originally posted by petsmar2@

    OK.We Are Turk And We Aren't Your Enemies.I wanna say that yoıu know us as bad people but we are not !! We are nationalist people so when we hear bad words about our Turkey we can't stop us.But we love all you,you know that.Don't need to argue here. Thx you all.I LOVE YOU KO I LOVE YOU MY CHAR I LOVE YOU WORLD I LOVE YOU RIENDS I LOVE YOU TURKEY I LOVE YOU JAPAN,CHINE,ENGLAND,USA,FRENCH... :wub: *:wub: *:wub: *:wub: *

    TÜrk arkadaşlar size söylüyorum lütfen kendimizi daha fazla kötülemeyelim...Hepimiz dostuz *:rollseyes: *
    (Turkish friends pls it's enough to argue we are all friends thx *:rollseyes: )

    seni seviyorum :wub:
    Are you Turk ? :unsure: Or know the meaning of " seni seviyorum "[/b]
    I'm not Turk, but it means "I love you".

    I don't know what it is, but I for one do not have a problem with the nationalities in this game or anywhere else. If it really annoys you to have people pm you in a different language, block your pms.

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    I'm locking this topic since its pointless and they will never get the point. They will keep being selfish and thinking the world spins arround them and when someone insults them, thats bad, but the rest is ok. Excuses and more excuses to cover the lack of respect to the rest.

    sexa: actions replace body language in this game. KSing someone tells something, trade spamming tells something, luring mobs tells something, teleporting u to a golems spot and then giving u 4 stones tells something, abussing every god damn bug more than anyone else tells something. Is not just insults that can be misunderstood, is their ACTIONS in this game. Also, is not just about the language. My country is poor and the education system is crap, they hardly teach good math, so forget about english. Yet, u dont see many peruvians doing that shit all day.

    And FiRe, go open that topic in the offtopic about flaming Peruvians. I won't lock it. It will be a nice experiment. U will learn how different we are from the Turks. More peruvians visit this forum than Turks so it will be a good test. I'm not kidding, make a flame topic there and u will see why ppl hate Turks and not Peruvians. I'll be looking forward for that flame topic about my country.

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