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No Premium In November

This is a discussion on No Premium In November within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by SilverKid Im with ya guys.. my prem ended and i wont renew it. +1 (to lazy to ...
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    Originally posted by SilverKid
    Im with ya guys.. my prem ended and i wont renew it.
    +1 (to lazy to write a long msg )

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    Come on guys no more premiun and clan leaders all put ANTI-KOXP symbol in your capes.
    EquiPoAcTimeL have it.

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    Well I have 20 days left before my premium runs out... but Im with ya guys on this....not gonna buy it anymore until they fix this shit.


    Saw some posts about negative people saying this is not gonna work and K2 still gains alot of money. But by now those persons should know that K2 are money-hungry beeshes. They wont do anything aslong as they still have people paying.

    TURKS DONT BUY PREM!! :lol: ...ok sure, maybe some of them (5% -_- )

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    im with u too! ohh wait i quit this crap along time ago. gays wouldnt even roll me back i wont ever support them again. WOW owns all. i love the game it awesome. plus and actually company that will help u if u have a problem. and they will even help u over the phone. that sold me plus its a game that not "still in beta". so i doesnt have all these glitches and stuff. ne way Silly good work bro about time someone tried to make a difference. ohh and if ur like my dad and i we had like 5 accounts on prem so thats a lot of money just from 2 people. so gogogogogogo.

    gl all in the fight to PWN K2.

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    update time guys
    here is an article about K2 they claim to make 10 mil a year in revenue (not profit)
    and have 95 employees. I think everyone should email the author of the article and let him know what you all think of K2's policy of "for the gamer".

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    The world of "Knight Online" is a familiar one for fans of multiplayer online games: a medieval landscape populated by warriors, monsters, rogues and priests.

    But what is that 10-foot-tall bunny over there?

    And who are those mercenaries lining up Humvees to race through the desert in the world of "War Rock," where fans of first-person shooter games come to battle in a fictitious Middle Eastern country filled with hostile troops and burned-out buildings?

    Welcome to the online worlds of K2 Network, a company that insists game players and not game developers are king.

    The gigantic bunny and the Humvee races are examples of what can happen when a computer game company responds directly to what its customers enjoy, say employees at K2's headquarters at the Irvine Spectrum.

    Every company must listen to customers, of course, but K2 needs especially strong ties to its players since it has an innovative business model that at first sounds like a money-losing proposition: Gamers play for free.

    The company makes money by convincing players to outfit their game characters with extra weapons or special abilities, which can come in handy when confronted with a gigantic rabbit. Other players upgrade to $8-a-month premium memberships that offer improved customer service, including advance notice of events such as scheduled truck races, which K2 is considering adding to "War Rock" after seeing players organize races on their own.

    Ignoring the artistic vision of a game developer in order to cater to game players' interests can be a mistake if it's not handled well.

    "It's risky," said David Kosak, executive editor of the game download site FilePlanet in Costa Mesa. The game can end up pleasing just a handful of vocal players, he said.

    The free-to-play business model has already succeeded in South Korea, where Internet company NHN reported $98 million in revenues last year from such games.

    K2 employed the innovation tactic of transplanting an existing idea to a new setting, in this case by pioneering the free-to-play concept in the United States, Europe, India and South America.

    Chief Executive Officer Joshua Hong, a former management consultant with an MBA from the University of Chicago, founded K2 in 2001 after seeing how popular the games were in Korea.

    He chose Orange County as K2's base because it's close to the entertainment-focused culture of Hollywood, but not too close.

    "I very much have a Midwestern work ethic," said Hong, who was raised in Indiana. "Hollywood and Santa Monica were not what I was looking for. There are lots of distractions there for employees and myself."

    Hong wanted to establish a customer-focused company, he said. So, instead of developing its own games, the 95-employee company licenses them from Korean companies and adapts them for use in the United States and abroad.

    "Our innovation is that we're a service provider, not a game developer," said Matthew Hannus, K2's vice president of strategic growth.

    For most computer game companies, he said, "the traditional method is to develop a game, box it, sell it through stores and charge a monthly subscription."

    Blizzard Entertainment, with its headquarters on the other side of Irvine, has enjoyed huge success by following that traditional model. It claims 6.5 million current players worldwide for its "World of Warcraft" game. They pay $15 for a monthly subscription in the United States and $3 to $4 in China, said online-gaming market analyst Michael Cai of the Parks Associates research firm. That means that "World of Warcraft" produces revenues at a pace of roughly $500 million a year.

    In comparison, K2 says it has nearly 8 million subscribers for its four online games, with most of those subscribers playing for free.

    K2 does not disclose revenues, but it was categorized at a technology conference in Dana Point last month as a company with more than $10 million in revenues.

    "Because the games are free, it's easy to get a large user base," Cai said. "Whether they can monetize that is unclear."

    More companies are about to give it a try.

    JC Entertainment is preparing a free-subscription "Freestyle Street Basketball" game, which will let players buy clothing and extra skills for their characters, Cai said.

    And NHN is readying its free-to-play games for the American market. Its typical titles are casual games such as "Golf King," which it and K2 are jointly launching here.

    For a few years after K2 was founded, the company spun its wheels. But it landed financing from Korean and German investors and began launching new games late last year.

    Since then, it has gained fans in North America, South America and Europe. These are the strongholds of K2's games, according to Hong and Hannus:

    * "Knight Online World" Popular in Eastern Europe.
    * "Global MU Online" multiplayer role-playing game Many fans in Brazil, Poland and Turkey.
    * "Golf King" (still in beta) Popular both in North and South America.
    * "War Rock" (still in beta) Strong in North America and Western Europe, especially Germany.

    Because K2's games have become so popular and because play is free, the games attracts "the best of the best" hackers, which forced K2 to install a firewall stronger than that of any other online game company, said David Lee, vice president of technology.

    Next, Hong plans "aggressive expansion" in South America, Eastern Europe and India. Hannus told last month's technology conference in Dana Point that K2 is seeking $10 million to expand and buy rights to more games.

    K2 is already profitable, according to Hong, but market researcher Cai says the jury is still out for all free-to-play game companies in the United States.

    Despite the success of free-to-play in Asia, "it's not proven yet whether it will work in the United States," he said. "By the end of next year, if no company announces (free-to-play) revenues, then perhaps they're not doing all that well."

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    when my premium end i dont will buy a new :P

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    I just popped off this message to the author of that article:

    Dear Mr. Stewart,

    I don't know who you talked to regarding the article about k2 Network, but evidently you have received some false information. I am a Knight Online player of almost 2 years and while the game is great, the company running it isn't. If you look at the BBB website, you will notice that K2 Networks ranks an F!

    The biggest problem right now is their lack of customer support and the number of hackers and illegitimate characters in the game. Many of the long time legitimate players are leaving because K2 doesn't seem to be doing anything except handing us, the players, a load of bull. Or, rather then addressing the real issues, they spruce up the KO website, launch another server, hold a special event etc., when they should be putting their time and efforts into fixing the current major problems of the game. GETTING RID OF THE CHEATERS AND HACKERS!!!!!

    This is a message I posted in as many forums as possible to go along with another campaign we are running atm to try to get K2's attention. The no premium in november is aimed at getting players not to pay for premium during the month of november so we can get the gm's attention and have these problems fixed!
    __________________________________________________ ___

    We the players of Knight Online are sick and tired of the blatant cheating that goes on in this game. We are tired of the gms not doing anything about it. Instead, they launch a new server, or tidy up the web site, or launch events...because of this, many legitimate players who are well known through out the KO Community are QUITTING the game...

    GMs. We are asking for your help. We are asking you to clean up the servers of the hackers, the cheaters and make the Knight Online Community what it once was, a game where people get on and HAVE FUN!!!

    Go outside of Moradon, or El Morad Castle, or Luferson and watch the blatant disregard for the rules. You see sins shooting arrows, mages shooting arrows, warriors and priests shooting arrows. They know they can get away with it because you..the gms...are not doing anything about it.

    It's time to step up to the plate...for the sake of this game.....keep the KO Community together! BAN CHEATERS!!!! Not the legitimate players who spend hours of enjoyment leveling their characters..THE RIGHT WAY!!!

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    There's too many problems at the moment to count, and I'm sure you have already gotten inundated with emails from other players regarding this article. If you really want to get a feel for what is happening in the game, hop into a ventrilo server and chat with us, the legitimate players of KO and find out how we really feel. If you have any questions, or would like to set up a time to get into ventrilo with us, please feel free to email me or call me. Myself and other players would love to talk to you.

    I send him a number where he could contact me. Maybe we'll get lucky and this guy will actually come onto vent and talk with us. He did return my call yesterday, though I had already left work. He said he's already received emails regarding this article and tbh..I strongly recommend as many ppl as possible email him. His email address is [email protected]. Tell him how disgruntled we all are. I think if enough ppl respond back he will do a follow up article.

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    im in this aswell! :P

    no more premium for a month

    ill make a clan, get some friends to help me get capes, name it StopKoxp and make a cape who fits it :P

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    Got my full support - NO PREMIUM FTW !!!!!!!!!! :rollseyes:
    kEEP THIs tOPIC uP ! :wub:

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    Originally posted by Virtus
    Got my full support - NO PREMIUM FTW !!!!!!!!!! :rollseyes: *
    kEEP THIs tOPIC uP ! :wub:
    We are me

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    Although i stoped ko a while ago , i still pop-up in a friend's acc and have some fun in my spare time. I've noticed all the differences and changes since i stopped.

    Too many arrow hacks and it can seriusly get annoying,. Im with you guys and i will put the logo in the clan of the player im playing sometimes

    peace out.

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    No Prem In Nov FTW!

    We must all ally to wake up theses morons who do nothing but take our money away.

    Go UP dam post !

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    Hey K2 can suck my dick they screwed me on NT and they can suck it...NO PREMIUM NOVEMBER BABY!!!!

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    i'm not too late to join am i? :wub:


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