When I was trying to kill a noob Tp Transferer (in edana) I saw he's IN the SEA in cz... I couldnt kill him even if I was with archer[/b]
Lol....this is an easy spot to bug too....they were doing it all day while we xped at DK's on d2....so when my DK party found a real priest....lvl 70+. I was filling in for my clannies till they found one, lvl 57 bp. I went a hunting for them.

They too were down in the sea....i seen human mage running around, and found a great spot for him to tp me....sure as shit....i ran right to bottom of sea. killed his mage in 1 hit, and the noob rogue that he was killing for np.

Im not telling where the spot is to bug in to kill them. But take some time and think well and you will most likely find it.

If there is a np transfer somewhere....be sure there is a way a normal player can get up there easily.

I meen seriously....if they dont want to work hard to gain np...think they are gunna work hard to REALLY REALLY badly bug map.

Happy Hunting