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NPT Talk On CW

This is a discussion on NPT Talk On CW within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Well it seems that there is some out there trying to get people banned for killing bots , This all ...
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    Default NPT Talk On CW

    Well it seems that there is some out there trying to get people banned for killing bots , This all includes Titanz Animosity Integrity BF Annonymous
    Critters , well you get the point basicly the all the people that keep the server going.
    If i were to get banned or quit my clan would slowly disapper and i would guess the same for alot of others if a similar situation happened , I was just curious what others think of this sad fucking joke , the actual idea of Legit people that spend money getting banned for killing bots.

    I bring this up here since every topic seems to get locked over at the off forums.
    You guys think its time to say goodbye when crazy retarded ideas like these start to surface?

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    Banned for scamming.
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    shut up you hacker, thetitanz = alliedforces = hackers/k0xpers LOL so fucking sad u guys cant make nps other than killing bots, must be so fun killing them over and over

    i remember pointman using k0xp and you(pantles) using k0xp too haha you got permabanned ! suck it bitch.

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    Sauga Bro!


    It was made clear by the GMs on the offical forums that just camping base and killing auto respawning hackers was considered npt. I don't see why you bother coming here crying over something thats already been made clear on offical forums. Some people just need to L2Read
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    You were Pantles? Oo you were the reason most of them got banned, which was the reason for the end of AlliedForces that eventually became TheTitanz after Alga nt'd and you guys came back like Pointman I suppose.

    i remember AF well... I know u guys remember me and Brew well... you guys probably went to bed at night with visions of me or Brew tping Sirnetoo or Martikos down on you for the win.... ah good times
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    like i told you this is nothing new and even though it's fucking stupid, it is what is it. They don't have the manpower to police a GM lead event, of course they're not able to tell from regular players from NPTers.
    In Beramus issues like this rose like in 2010 or maybe even before. maybe bc massive bots are kindda new to CW compared to older servers

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    hey isnt this a copy paste from officials?
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    Bro if you want to be safe, dont play just to gain Nation Points. I.E. Don't camp the opposing nation's base just because you outnumber them 5 to 1 and want easy NP. That just makes people quit the game and isnt even fun PVP. It also leads to NPT bans. Keep the game fun and you wont get banned, plain and simple
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    that npt shit is annoying. isnt the point of this game to have fun? how is killing your own character fun


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