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O.o can anyone tell me what happened

This is a discussion on O.o can anyone tell me what happened within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by LoveToHate Btw maggi can u go on msn?.... I have something to talk u. :lol: he wont ...
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    Originally posted by LoveToHate
    Btw maggi can u go on msn?.... I have something to talk u.
    :lol: he wont tell u the secret :P


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    just relog and u will only have 1 of each. the dupes will be gone

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    Originally posted by Cadence96
    mmmm... u have the report subject over your head
    but If u went merch after trading... I guess it got dc just few seconds after, and your items got rolledback in every slot u placed 'em before... *
    however.... It seems u did it in moradon server 1, that increases the chances your system gets fucked...
    just delete 'em and if it happen again, put other stuff instead of it to stop the bug...

    or.... Iloveyou_ logged out very soon after trade and he got items back too.... but it seems the problem started in your char.

    i have a question on that report subject,i was pking last night in D1 and i was with 1 rogue and buffer,we where pwning
    and i got a lot of nps,suddenly i went repot and i got a pm of 1 guy telling me: u kill too many,and then appeared somem
    message of that guy,his clan and hour that have reported me <_< ,so now i have that stupid thing over my head...

    report subject can be removed from a gm or how can i remove it,it makes me feel sad

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    omfg i got the same problem>.< mine is a thunder blast scroll :angry: my inn was messy, but all servers downed while i was cleaning it :blink: wtf i cant even delete any1 of them, maggi i think u cant delete it like me :wub: let's w8 for the ban :lol:

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    lol.... i tried everything... i cant do sh!t with any of them... the only thing i was able to do, was to take those that r in my inn, out and put them in my inventory >< stupid idea,cus now theyre stuck in my inventory, and cant even put them back in inn >< i tried relogging, still the same =.=

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    man let's transfer our items $ to new acc and play lol

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    maybe those items were sold when u merch them =/ if u did even

    freak rollback

    if not the inn duped them ;(

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    Happended to me with items from PUS scrolls to high class items.....I have had a customer support ticket in since the 19th and still no answer....I dont think they know what happened to be honest. Happed to my inventory as well as my for me as you can see as my armors, weps and scrolls were affected.

    Only things that seem to not be effected in my Inn as well as inventory were pots, stones as well as quest items :angry:

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    Originally posted by freakyangel
    WTF dont tell me to delete them Oo holy shit T_T =/ thats not fair !!! T_T And yea i dont have the report subject thing above my head cus ppl think im a cheater or sth, but only becus my brother went on my account yesterday and he ASKED jeff aka undy to put it on me,cus HE FOUND IT SEXY omfg
    undy put it on most your clan xD and its sexy to have reportsubject :-p

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