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Officially done with ko until shits working again

This is a discussion on Officially done with ko until shits working again within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; OMG this is fucking retarded , wars are impossible now , 20 sec lag. On Ares all humans dc right ...
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    OMG this is fucking retarded , wars are impossible now , 20 sec lag.
    On Ares all humans dc right before entering and couldnt get back in , THANKS K2.

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    In agreement with about 4-5 previous posts, pets have added a, oh how shall I put this, childish twist to KO.

    Please, a PET?


    My pet is better then yours! My dad can kick your dads ass! zzz Pets have ruined this games xping, along with TS bug, lag, huge lag spikes, etc. etc. etc.

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    TS's arent even really the problem. I could give a damn about pets either or new items. The biggest problem now is this god damn lag 25-30 seconds on all servers. Its horrible

    P.S. im pretty sure DS have lower hp as well 2 melee and 3 priest < where RAPING them from safezone _|_

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    dts seem to die easier, and only thing good 4 pets is autoloot, cuz its b00000000000000000000000000riiiiiiiiing to pick up those fkin crates

    dun care about new shit unless its dupes or major exp bugs

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    In My Opinion.. The pets are really stupid.. Why the heck did they put pets.. they just ruin everything. exp, pk, farming, boss runs.. etc......
    why? because everyone wants to lvl the pets, and now it is really getting people pissed and people bored of Knight Online. look at it this way.

    Kids OR Inmature ppl = they like the pets and they want to lvl their pets up because they think they are the best way either to get money or to lv up fast..
    Adults = they want the things how they were before.. which means.. without the pets, but with the new moradon.. it is really awesome, but the pets are the problem.

    You care more about lvling the pets and making them powerful and making yourself a good player.. With good armor, weapon, jewerly, etc..
    you even have to buy extra pots for the pets so they dont die..
    yea right now you buy them cus they aren&#39;t expensive.. and the ones they need are the little ones... but.. as you lvl them they are getting more health.. which means.. bigger pots = more money.

    They shouldn&#39;t be there.. the pets make the game boring, and players who think they shouldn&#39;t be there are going to start to quit.[/b]
    I&#39;m sorry but lol at the typo

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    I&#39;m sorry but lol at the typo[/b]
    lol at the content of the post also

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