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    hmmm, ok yeah... im quiting logos,
    none of u guys knew me, in fact nobody did.. i kept myself hidden, but the other day i got hacked.
    and the christmas event has effected the games balance especially logos. prices are crazy

    Do you guys think they will make another server, if so i think it wud be better because, i know all the legit people
    quit cause hacking, games balance, prices. etc

    but if they make a new server, we'd have to start fresh, which is good.......
    i think.

    Logos i go ardream, people with +1 rebirthed raptors and +7 shards...
    that suck, i can beat them no sweat. but, its just my opnion.
    most of the legit players moved from all the other servers to logos
    but logos turned out to be bad
    2 months of not releasing the server i thought it wud be a success
    but 3 days into the game, there is koxp everywhere, but o well.

    If their is a new server and i know ur probably not gonna do this.

    put more gms onto that server, and make that server the secureist.
    but hopefully that'll come true, but i rlly doubt that

    Anyways yall, peace. and cya on the new server if their is one, ill still be posting on here tho...

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    Post this on the official forums and it might actually make some sort of difference, sorry you got hacked you seem like a quality player.

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    i also played in pathos, name was styl3
    i was pretty hard to beat, was a dlw char, and i was like maybe 4th best player in ardream till koxpers came
    that made me quit, now logos getting hacked and upsetting the games balance, i just had to quit that server.

    But hopefully now, if they make a new server it would be more secure

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    Most new servers are like that.

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    non sense to make another server dude... all went to logos with hope, it will be clear and best server ever... to bad theyre wrong...

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    that happens every server, and everyone always seems surprised when it does.

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    that happens every server, and everyone always seems surprised when it does.[/b]
    offtopic> omfg its SlmShady!!! lol my favor. nickname> topic:" who has the best ingame name" or something!!


    its usko.. too bad i have to say, but i quitted logos even b4 it came.. i knew that will happen...
    i had expirience with k2's "New" servers too.. like cypher: made lv45 were in first version of "hit2kill"` lol.. right after that quit that server..
    olympia.. no comment either.. started.. played a while.. saw old german friends from ares too^^ but then.. i checked meganthereon spot.. whyNot koxp with his clan.. run around seeing alot of newbs on DK/skeletonchamp. spots kosp using..
    so i went jpkO.. cheater > ban. that simple.. too bad they are going soon /chink_mod /no_foreign_ftw_mod.. for non japanese IP's homepage is already not allowed.. old accounts still go in..
    tried again usko: dies.. lvld to 50, after seeing the price's and the lvl difference between the highest lv and me was that huge, everywhere KS/flame/koxp (like that hard i didnt see since i played JPKO after 1 year) i said once more byebye usko.. and i think it will stay like that

    change game or version to be happy..

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    ur english is a bitch to read.


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