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password 6-10 characters ?!

This is a discussion on password 6-10 characters ?! within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; well i really dont know why my advice is not be puted yet in the guide how do not get ...
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    well i really dont know why my advice is not be puted yet in the guide how do not get scam... I guess MOD still didnt understand coz they lack in math

    anyway for the people that said some reply ago that k2 not allow multiple logs check it out :P i can log and fail 500 times and still be allowed to try again !

    there is no limit...

    believe me or not, listen me or not, i dont really care... i warn you and if you do what i wrote at the start in this topic your chance to get scam by someone that know your pw without uppercase will be reduced. you have a trustable sharer ? good for you, i wont make paranoic here noone.. is only a little advice that if followed increase your chance to not be scammed.

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    and replying to a post with somthing as unhelpful as your post is equally retarded.[/b]
    no you got it wrong again, do i need to translate what i sayed?

    "peaople dont reply unless you are sure what the author wanted to say, means read and understand what he sayed, so hopefullt in future you try to read and understand"

    ofc its not helpful for the ones who dosent want to understand, just want to reply and be cool...

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