LOL at this from ask GM thread. A little insight into the "working" relationship.

How exactly is it gonna work, i mean will the reports be visually noticeable for us ingame such as the [Report Subject] thingy back in the days?
As I said before, I cannot discuss the details with authority because the function is still in development. How it manifests itself may change dramatically from what I've seen of it in testing so far. I do know that it is not the same as the report tag that used to be in the game. We actually had a fair bit of trouble with MGAME regarding that particular issue.

Korlash designed the new in game cheat report function and sent the whole thing, ready to be built and implemented, to MGAME on a silver platter. All they had to do was approve it, hand it over to NOAH, and then patch it into the game. Two months later, they re-enabled the old cheat report function that doesn't even work and apparently 'lost' the documentation for the new reporting function that had been given to them. After a fair deal of strong words, they said they'd do it right the next time. What happened next? They did the exact same thing again, apparently hoping we wouldn't notice this time around. That finally brings us to the present day, where the new cheat reporting function is in development and almost ready to be brought into the game after quite a lot of struggling.