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Paypal Charge Back, How to avoid it?

This is a discussion on Paypal Charge Back, How to avoid it? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; If u r selling smthg expensive do not use paypal use WU instead, it is the best way to avoid ...
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    If u r selling smthg expensive do not use paypal use WU instead, it is the best way to avoid scam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yatta View Post
    Here is what you have to do. You can still get charged back via this method but you will win the dispute against it if you choose to file one. This assumes that the person you're doing with has a verified account. If they don't, do not do business with them.

    First things first, ask them for what their home phone number is and cross examine it with their address, and then call them. Make sure they are who they and paypal say they are. A verified paypal account usually covers this but in the case of stolen accounts it won't. Knowing they live where paypal says they live is both useful for your peace of mind and comes in handy later.

    Then, you send them an invoice for the amount due. You list the category as Goods. Once this invoice is sent, don't do anything yet.

    When they pay you, you can then print a shipping label. This label contains their address and name and what not, basically everything you'd need to send them something via mail.

    Then, you go to the post office. You speak with someone and request the forms necessary to send mail and demand that for the person to receive it they have to sign for it. This I think will cost you $5-$10.

    After you have that, you send them a copy of the invoice with a phone number/email address written on it that belongs to you and that they do not already know. The reason for this is you want them to contact you via that number/email address to ensure that they have received the mail. To receive it, they have to sign with the postal service that they received the invoice. After they contact you from this phone number/email address, you can then give them the items.

    Now you have them receiving your shipment on file with the USPS. Any chargebacks at this point should be easily disputed with this evidence.

    Also, it is worth while mentioning that any thing you write in the comments when requesting payment will do nothing to protect you. Like everyone else has mentioned, people can claim their paypal was hacked.
    No buyer is going to go through that much hassle. People use PayPal because it is convenient and it protects the buyer from scams. Although that method can protect the seller by giving them leverage to dispute a possible chargeback, it now leaves the buyer vulnerable to a scam. If you notice in the cheater section, a very large portion of scammers are sellers who do not hold their end of the bargain.

    You may use a middle man to reduce the risk of seller scams, however you then have people pretending to be someone else, pretending that it wasn't them (because apparently imaginary monkeys and their mother were on the account at the time), or abuse their position as "trustworthy people who have had access to insertnamehere's account with insertamounthere dollars worth of items that were unsealed".

    The main idea that I am trying to derive out of my rant is that this is an unregulated market. Unlike the real world, it is very unlikely that you would have a possible recourse if something were to go wrong. There will always be ways that people can scam you. There is no way to prevent someone from attempting to scam you. There will always be scammers. Use your head, think to yourself: does anything seem fishy about this, is this trade really worth it, is dealing with this person really worth it. Because, at the end of the day, you are the one responsible for the decisions you make.

    Going back to this topic, there is no way to avoid a chargeback.
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    If they don't want to go through it, then they aren't worth selling to. Like you said this is completely unregulated, so my job as a seller is to protect myself first and foremost. That method is actually very common in the WoW account market.

    Of course the obvious choice is to use a different method to send money, but some people would rather go through that hassle than use WU or something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoDoo View Post
    If u r selling smthg expensive do not use paypal use WU instead, it is the best way to avoid scam.
    +1 if its worth alot or they are buying alot of gbs i suggest wu unless you are confident in thier trustability

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamStillAlive View Post
    All of this wont work if the paypal transaction has been made by an unauthorized person.Plop.
    They should be verified, unless they JUST signed up for paypal.

    Make them get verified. It's not hard.

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    in my opinion when u do a paypal trade its just based on trust

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